The Story Of Passover, As Told By Cats

Don’t forget the gefilte fish!

1. Years and years ago, ancient Egypt was ruled by Pharaoh

2. and the Jewish people were slaves.

3. One day, Pharaoh decided that all male babies born to Jewish mothers should be killed.

4. One woman placed her son, Moses, in a basket, and set the basket in the reeds of the Nile, hoping that someone would find him and save him.

5. And who should find Moses, but Pharaoh’s daughter.

6. She raised him as her own, and Moses became a prince of Egypt.

7. One day, Moses saw an Egyptian beating a slave, and got so upset he killed the Egyptian, then fled to the desert in fear.

8. There he met a family, and eventually married, had kids, and became a shepherd.

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9. While tending to a flock of sheep, Moses heard God’s voice calling to him from a burning bush.

10. God told Moses that he has chosen him to free the Jews from slavery, and that he would help him.

11. So Moses went to Egypt and demanded Pharoah set the Jewish people free, but Pharaoh refused.

12. As punishment, God sent down 10 plagues upon Egypt.

13. 1. Water was turned to blood, so there was no clean drinking water

14. 2. Frogs here, frogs there. Frogs were jumping everywhere

16. 4. Wild beasts invaded and caused destruction

17. 5. Livestock became diseased

18. 6. Boils

20. 8. Locusts

21. 9. Darkness

22. 10. Murder of the first born…

23. But the angel of death knew to “pass over” Jewish homes, which had been marked with lamb’s blood.

24. Which is why the holiday is called Passover.

25. After the plagues stopped, Pharaoh finally let the Jews free.

26. But they left in such a hurry, they didn’t have time to let their bread rise.

27. Instead, they had to bake the bread on their backs in the dessert, which is why we eat matzo on Passover.

28. Soon after the Jews left Egypt, Pharaoh sent soldiers after them.

29. When the Jews reached the Sea of Reeds, God parted the waters to let them pass

31. and let the waters crash down to prevent the soldiers from getting across.

32. At last the Jews were free, and so began their journey to the Promised Land.

34. Happy Passover!

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