Cats Offering Helfpul Advice For Lindsay Lohan

She could use a good pep talk.

I know things used to be pretty good, and you were feeling on top of the world.

You were in all the magazines.

People flocked to see your movies.

But lately, things have gotten weird.

And your reputation has been tarnished.

Even though everything totally sucks right now

and you’re probably feeling sort of stuck

You might hate everyone

And want to hide from the world.

Please don’t do anything drastic.

And try not to take your anger out on others.

Everything is okay.

The world is not your enemy, even though I’m sure it often feels that way.

Take a good look in the mirror.

You don’t always make the best decisions

so come clean.

And admit you need help.

You’re strong.

I know you can tough it out.

Take some time for yourself

Do some serious thinking.

Try to avoid those wild friends of yours

and make new friends who enjoy more leisurely activities.

Take up a new hobby.

Try doing yoga.

And get a lot of rest.

Things will start to calm down.

You just need to recharge.

And then you can be more in control.

Now go get ‘em!

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