14 Cats Who Are Upset That ‘What Not To Wear’ Is Ending

These poorly dressed felines could still use a serious makeover.


Magnolia was into costume wear and period pieces, but her co-workers (and her boss) thought it was time she wear something more serious.


C$ is a professional DJ who’s about to try and start his own company. But he needs some suits to wear to business meetings—no more baseball caps and chains, C$!


Nermal LIVED in sweaters, but her sister thought her look was too “Anne Hathaway in Devil Wears Prada before she got the job.”


Style tip: Try not to look too matchy-matchy. Sometimes mixing patterns and colors is okay, if you can do it right.


Style tip: Don’t wear clothes that drown out your natural shape—it will just make you look bigger than you actually are.


Candy’s daughter was SO embarrassed that her mom still wore that leopard print dress from the 80s. It was time for an update.


The whole school girl thing was a bit…inappropriate for someone Myra’s age. She needed a whole new wardrobe that said “I may still look young, but I respect myself and want to be taken seriously.”


To be honest, the Native American look has already come and gone. It’s OKAY to wear black trousers, a colorful top, and a great shoe to work—you can still look like YOU.


Nancy didn’t go out much, and this was her go-to party dress. Time for something more modern…


The hipster thing is great if you’re an artist in Portland, but Tammy was a young professional working her way up in New York, and needed some pantsuits and chic dresses to replace her current “vintage” wardrobe.


Yes Charlene, you have three kids and are in your late 40s, but your husband would love to see you in something other than this diva shirt you insist is hilarious. How about a summer dress paired with a kitten heel that you can wear on a dinner date with the hubby?


Style tip: just because you’re a grad student burning the midnight oil with barely enough time to give yourself a comb doesn’t mean you can’t throw on a clean pair of slacks.


Betsy’s knitwear was impressive, yes, but she should try and mix things up with some cotton staples, a straight-legged jean, and even a jersey dress for the summer.


Kate may have had a wild past, but she quit her job at the tattoo parlor eleven years ago, and needed something a bit more conservative. And with less skulls.

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