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    20 Facts That Make Youngstown The Most Influential City In America

    When people hear that I'm from Youngstown, Ohio, they immediately think it's an old, worn down steel city run by the mafia. But Youngstown has contributed a lot more to the world than steel and mobsters. This little city of 65,000 that sits directly between Cleveland and Pittsburgh, New York and Chicago, has woven itself into the fabric of American culture, history and society more than any other city of its size, making it the most influential city in America.

    1. The University of California was co-founded by a Youngstown native.

    2. Scorcese's Goodfellas was dedicated to Youngstown.

    3. The penalty flag was founded in Youngstown.

    4. The Warner brothers were from Youngstown.

    5. Pro boxing is 12 rounds instead of 15.

    6. Youngstown has the most NCAA head coaches.

    7. Fashion designer Nanette Lepore is from Youngstown.

    8. The world's #1 business incubator is in Youngstown.

    9. Ed O'Neill is from Youngstown.

    10. The shopping mall was pioneered in Youngstown.

    11. Arby's was founded in Youngstown.

    12. The San Fransisco 49ers are owned by Youngstowners.

    13. Phantom Fireworks was founded in Youngstown.

    14. Youngstown bred the most boxing champions.

    15. Handel's Ice Cream was founded in Youngstown.

    16. The only expelled Congressman was from Youngstown.

    17. The most influential Supreme Court case dealing with President powers was focused on Youngstown.

    18. The largest municipal-owned metro park is in Youngstown.

    19. The first 3D printing research lab in America is in Youngstown.

    20. The Laffer Curve was founded by Youngstown native Arthur Laffer.