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13 Things You'll Miss Most From Your Twenties

AKA the chillest years of your #lyfe. So hold on to these precious times, sweet. Own your age and don't miss TV Land's Younger, new episodes, Tuesdays 10/9c.

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4. Being able to stay out 'til 2 a.m. on a weeknight and then being able to function at work the next day...

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...and having your hangover last five hours and not five days.

6. Waking up without another grey hair popping out of thin air.

Leaning in to your twenties is paramount in order to truly appreciate what lies ahead: the magic that is your thirties, where you're a stronger, sharper YOU.

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No matter how old you are, own your age. Don't miss Younger, new episodes, Tuesdays 10/9c.

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