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    • Young949

      She is American if she is born here, just like the rest of us. I can’t believe racism is still a big issue….”so if you ain’t white you ain’t right?” Come on really shut the hell up!……I’m Korean American born here in these United States, so I’m not American??? All I can say to these” twitter” e-thuggers that sit behind a desk and talk crap…I’m more American than YOU! I served this country was a 0311 in the Marine Corps did two tours In Iraq during OIF I fought for this country and what I believe in…what have you done other than bring it down a notch??? Being a veteran I can say I feel embarrassed and disappointed at these nasty hateful comments.I know when I was serving out there I considered everyone my brother’s from different mothers it didn’t matter about race skin color what have you we all fought next to each other and had each others back out there. Through good and bad fighting for are country. They call it United States for a reason you know all the different cultures,races,colors, combined is what makes us strong.

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