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13 Things That Will Definitely Happen To You During The Apocalypse

Happy beginning of the end of the world to you!

So, you've just discovered that the world is ending. What are you gonna do now?!

1. First, you'll be in complete shock.

2. Then you might feel a little upset.

3. But soon it'll be time to start rioting!

4. And with rioting comes looting.

5. You'll feel completely lost at first.

6. Luckily, your friends can help you separate the good ideas from the bad ones.

7. You'll definitely need a bucket list...

8. you can accomplish everything your heart desires.

9. Eventually, you'll begin to appreciate your newfound sense of freedom...

10. ...because during the apocalypse, you can be who you want to be...

11. ...say what you want to say...

12. ...and basically just do whatever the hell you want.

13. It's the end of the world as we know it, so you might as well feel fine.

Images provided courtesy of NBC Universal/British Sky Broadcasting

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