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    25 Types Of Food That Will Make You Want To Visit Japan

    Whether is a cute sundae, a matcha sweet or a deliciously looking chocolate coated banana on a stick, Japan has the best food in the world! WARNING - Don't check this out if you don't have food next to you! I'm literally drooling.

    1. Octopus Balls


    Takoyaki is made with pancake like batter filled with small pieces of octopus (usually a bit of tentacle).

    2. Yakitori


    Sizzling Japanese chicken pieces grilled on a skewer with amazing sticky sauce.

    3. Harajuku Crazy Crepes


    Not only are whipped cream and fruits used; cakes, cookies, as well as a whole variety of other ingredients are wrapped in a thin pancake, producing a delectable Harajuku crepe that is popular with both tourists and students looking to fill their stomachs while shopping.

    4. Bunny Parfait


    These parfaits look absolutely amazing. Look at that cure little bunny shaped ice cream! I mean come on, Japan!

    5. Matcha Tea Ice Cream

    Stop in Kyoto and have some refreshing matcha tea ice cream! So intensely green.

    6. Ikayaki


    Did somebody say grilled squid? You can find Ikayaki in restaurants as well as street food vendors.

    7. Taiyaki


    Taiyaki is a fish shaped Japanese cake, traditionally filled with red bean paste. You can also ask for Taiyaki filled with custard or chocolate.

    8. Onsen Tamago


    Onsen tamago are eggs that have been cooked by a natural onsen hot spring. The slow cooking process gives the egg a texture like custard. It's typically served in dashi and soy sauce.

    9. Takotamago


    Takotamago has to be Japan's weirdest and most amazing food. It's a small octopus on a stick with an egg in its head...Enough said.

    10. Chocolate Coated Banana


    Chocolate coated banana on a stick with lots of sprinkles. Why don't we have these here, right now?

    11. Dango


    Japanese dumplings coated in sugar and soy sauce.

    12. Miso Soup

    Michael Turtle / Via

    A delicious side dish which is one of the most beloved foods in Japan. You'll even find it in several restaurants served for breakfast!

    13. Tempura


    Light and fresh coated seafood and vegetables. There are tempura restaurant all around Tokyo. Yummy!!!

    14. Tamagoyaki


    Tamagoyaki is Japanese for rolled omelette. It's usually served with fish row on top. You can find it on sushi or in bento boxes.

    15. Ramen


    Ramen is a Japanese noodle soup dish. No matter where you try ramen in Japan, you are guaranteed to simply not have enough of it. DELICIOUS.

    16. Seafood at Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo


    For freshest and most delicious seafood you will ever try in your life, you must go to the Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo.

    17. Shioyaki


    Baked fish, often mackerel, on a stick. Saltier than salt itself.

    18. World Cutest Doughnuts


    I think the images just speak for themselves. How about delicious doughnuts glazed to perfection to resemble kittens and doggies? OMG!

    19. Matcha Tea Flavoured Biscuits


    In Japan everything is Matcha: matcha ice cream, matcha chocolate, matcha tea, matcha biscuits...matcha matcha! Indulge yourself in deep green looking treats.

    20. Kyuri


    The Japanese believe that kyuri (cucumbers) cool you down. Cucumbers on a stick with a little miso paste is the perfect food for hot summer nights.

    21. Sushi


    There is no trip to Japan without tones of sushi. Sashimi, nigiri, california rolls, all sort of shapes and types. I hope you're on your lunch break now ...

    22. Okonomiyaki


    A type of savory Japanese pancake that was traditionally prepared to use up leftovers.

    23. Shabu Shabu


    A hotpot of thinly sliced beef or pork prepared at your table by submerging a single piece of meat in a hot broth and swishing it around until it's cooked.

    24. Kurumi Mochi


    Mochi stuffed with walnut paste and rolled in and dusted with kinako. The best ones I tried were just by Senso-ji in Tokyo on Nakamise-dōri.

    25. Tonkatsu


    Tonkatsu is a type of panko breaded, deep-fried pork cutlet served with shredded cabbage that everyone's wild about in Japan.

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