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More 24 Things That Are Too Real For Anybody Who Has Lived In Bahrain (Part 2)

After popular demand, this is the sequal to the originial '24 Things That Are Too Real For Anybody Who Has Lived In Bahrain' article.

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5. Then finally walking into Coco’s, and its empty and you just stand there not knowing what to do, because you’ve always had to fight for a table and not used to things being handed to you.

10. When somebody who's new in town posts on Facebook about living in Bahrain, going to black flag areas and badassery thinking they're Rambo after driving through Sitra once...

11. When you have a hard time understanding people because Arabs can't pronounce the letter 'P', Filipinos can't pronounce the letter 'F' and Indian can't pronounce the letter 'H'...

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