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11 Snacky Situations That Everyone Who Loves Food Will Relate To

It's always best to have a Yoplait YOP on hand for when snack o'clock strikes again.

There's nothing worse than absolutely loving food, but realising you're facing a snacky sitch completely unprepared.

1. When it's 3 p.m. and you're fading fast and the only thing that'll jolt you back into life is a snack.

2. When you're about to go all-out in your gym class only to realise you haven't eaten in hours.

3. When you finish work at five, but don't have dinner plans until half-seven and your stomach is playing its own rumbly soundtrack.

4. When you have a full arvo of back-to-back extracurricular activities lined up and absolutely no time to replenish.

5. When you and the kids are both absolutely starving, but the thought of having the same after-school snack again has both of you ready to stage a protest.

6. When your TikTok clip is out of sync with the audio, so you decide to re-shoot the whole thing and suddenly you're on your second hour of filming with nothing to show for it (yet), except hunger and thirst.

7. When you're really studying for exams and don't want to break your focus, but you also desperately want sustenance.

8. When you have meetings after meetings after meetings — all with the video on.

9. When you're having an uber productive day filled with multi-tasking and you need an easy, efficient and convenient snack to keep you on track.

10. When you're having a team lunch and order a rogue dish that doesn't quite hit the spot, but it's too late to order anything else.

11. And finally, when you're really craving something, but all your snacks require assembly and you can't be bothered with the clean up that will follow.

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