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The 21 Most Fabulous Google Street View Photos That Prove Why Aliens Don't Visit Us

How did we get to this stage of evolution?

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1. The living proves like this horseman who eats monkey-food.

2. And the man with a monkey.

3. The man who fell in a hole but doesn't give a shit.


5. The girl who wanted to escape from the closeness.

6. The guy who succeeded.

7. And the girl who failed.

8. The guy from the new Lion King casting.

9. And the guy from the new Jungle book casting.

10. And who didn't get the role.

11. The google car took a picture about a terrible bomb's a guano.

12. It took pictures about strange situations.

13. Really strange.

14. And it saw how babies are made.

15. A lot.

16. And it was there 9 months later as well...

17. It was everywhere.

18. In the right time.

19. But there was place where it couldn't be.

20. But if the aliens don't visit us, how can we explain this?

21. They are already among us.

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