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What’s One Thing You Couldn't Live Without In College?

Share your wisdom with the youths.

College can be a rough time — you're leaving the comfort of your parents' home (where the sheets are clean and the fridge is filled) for four years on your own.

If only a wise soul (maybe an older sibling) could have given you a list of things you needed to bring to college to survive — life would have been so much easier.

Now you can be that person!!! Tell us, what's a product you couldn't live without in college?

Is it a blackout sleeping mask so you can catch some quality z's before an exam (while your night owl roommate stays up watching Netflix)?

Or maybe a microwave coffee maker for getting a quick and cheap caffeine fix?

Is it a laundry bag that can also be worn as a backpack?

Or perhaps a book stand to save your neck from hours of studying?

Whether you're still studying or already graduated, tell us about the products you couldn't live without in college in the comments below to be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!