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    28 Ways To Make Your Car Less Of A Trash Heap

    Sometimes you don't realize that your car has become a trash pile until your friends and family refuse to ride in it. It's time to tidy up before the mess ~drives~ you (and everybody else) nuts!

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    1. Throw empty snacks bags and water bottles into a portable trash can instead of letting them tumble around under the seats.

    2. Or, repurpose a cereal container as a makeshift trash can!

    3. Gather all your important docs (like vehicle registration and insurance card) in a visor organizer so you can always find them in a pinch.

    4. Prepare for toll booths by straightening out crumpled dollar bills and storing them in a toothbrush holder in the center console compartment (along with other essentials).

    5. Suck up any crumbs, pet hairs, or spills with a powerful little wet/dry vacuum instead of driving to a gas station and using one of those coin-operated machines.

    6. Eliminate stubborn stains on the carpet and upholstery using a DIY all-natural cleaner.

    7. Banish bad odors from your car quickly and effectively with a bag of bamboo charcoal. It'll take the stink right out!

    8. Or, DIY a reusable air freshener and make your car smell like your fave essential oil!

    9. Install a cover to protect the backseat from pet hairs, dirt, and scratches your furry friend might leave behind after a ride.

    10. Declutter the messy glove compartment by storing papers like inspection forms and receipts into an expanding file.

    11. Line the cup holders with silicone cupcake liners that you can easily empty out and wash when they get dirty.

    12. Strap on a pair of kick mats for keeping the backseat free of muddy little footprints.

    13. Fill the gap between the seat and the console using a pipe insulation tube and prevent coins and French fries from falling into the unreachable crevice.

    14. Eat your drive-thru meal on a tray instead of your lap so taco bits don't fly everywhere.

    15. Hang your purse or grocery bags on a carabiner so things don't slide around.

    16. Organize everything from tissue boxes to toys to snacks using a hanging shoe rack and shoe laces.

    17. Polish off the interior and exterior of your prized vehicle using a pack of microfiber cloths.

    18. Collect all the loose change in your car and put it into an empty gum container so you know exactly where to find quarters for parking meters.

    19. Wind up AUX cords and charging cables and put them in a travel case to prevent a tangled mess from forming in the console.

    20. Dust off the AC vents using a foam brush you might have left over from a DIY furniture project.

    21. Connect storage bins with binder clips to make a trunk organizer.

    22. Or, buy a trunk organizer that'll double as a grocery carrier after a trip to Costco.

    23. Wipe away year-old coffee stains with a melamine sponge and a little water.

    24. Restore your leather interior to a brand new state using a bottle of leather cleaner.

    25. Load food and drinks in a bath caddy — snacking in the car is inevitable but this way it'll be a little less messy.

    26. Hang a mesh organizer on the backseat headrests to corral everything that's cluttering up the trunk.

    27. Lay down some rubber floor mats to protect your carpet from slush and mud.

    28. Make a tissue holder out of a disposable coffee cup instead of having to use those crumpled napkins stashed in the backseat pocket.

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