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    13 Ways To Help Brighten Up Your Home When There’s No Natural Light

    Without installing a new window.

    There are many annoying things about winter, but probably the biggest bummer is shorter days and less daylight. If you live in a home that doesn't let in a lot of natural light to begin with, it can feel like you're spending most of your time in the dark.

    Luckily, there are actually a lot of ways to brighten up your space that don't involve a ton of effort or resources:

    1. Switch your lightbulbs to ones that mimic natural daylight.

    2. Or, try smart lightbulbs that can be scheduled to turn on automatically in the morning and after sunset.

    3. Lay a light-colored rug in your living room because it can help reflect more light, especially if your furniture, walls, and floors are darker.

    4. Adding a few plants can instantly breathe life into a dull space. However, if you have limited windows, maybe opt for smaller plants because tall ones can block your only light source.

    5. If your windows don't let in a lot of sunlight, you can place your plant buddies under a grow light that would double as another light source.

    6. Decorate a dark wall with artwork to make it appear brighter and more visually interesting.

    7. Switch from heavy curtains to sheer ones that would let in light during all hours of the day.

    8. And hang up fairy lights behind those sheer curtains or on your walls. They'll give off a pleasant glow and make any room feel incredibly cozy.

    9. Or, ditch curtains altogether and apply a privacy film on your windows, if you live on the ground floor or directly face another building. It'll prevent nosy neighbors from peeking in without blocking out sunshine.

    10. Place mirrors in strategic areas (like across a window, on a mantelpiece, or next to an entryway) to reflect light into your room.

    11. Install lighting under cabinets, along stairs, and in windowless rooms to illuminate dingy corners — this can actually make a huge difference if your overhead lighting is too dim.

    12. Choose an uplight lamp to light up the entire ceiling as opposed to just one small area. If you don't have built-in overhead lights, arc lamps are also a great way to bring light to the middle of the room.

    13. Hang up a fake LED window in a windowless room (like the basement) to create the illusion of natural light.

    Now your room will feel less gloomy!