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    25 Ways To Be A Better Adult This Month

    Drinking more water, tackling muscle knots, making the perfect cappuccino, and other ways to feel like a good adult.

    1. Whip up a rich and foamy cappuccino (or hot chocolate) at home with an inexpensive handheld milk frother rather than paying $4+ for one at a fancy coffee joint.

    2. Or if you're a tea person, organize your selection in a clear container so everything is neat and accessible. No more half-empty boxes cluttering up your cabinets!

    3. Take your summer dresses into the fall by layering a white T-shirt under them — and voila, it's like you just added a whole bunch of new pieces into your autumn wardrobe!

    4. Invest in a pair of cute rain boots because your leather ones probably won't survive the fall showers.

    5. Streamline your shower/bath routine with a multipurpose soap gentle enough for the whole family to use. You'll also have fewer products cluttering up the tub rim.

    6. Secure a handheld bag (or jacket) onto your carry-on suitcase with a luggage strap so you can run to catch that flight without worry about things falling off.

    7. Use up the very last bits of your bath products or condiments with a pack of bottle stands — that stuff adds up!

    8. Line your flats or loafers (or any shoes you don't want to wear socks with) with washable cotton insoles to avoid getting sweaty feet and stinky shoes.

    9. Wind down when you're feeling stressed using Headspace, a meditation and mindfulness app. There are cute animations to guide you through, too.

    10. Peruse a helpful cookbook that focuses on techniques instead of recipes, so you can pull together quick and tasty meals on the fly.

    11. Separate your clothing into different categories (such as color, thickness, blouses/shirts/tees, etc.) with colorful dividers so you don't have to dig through the entire closet to find that one top. You can also use them to plan out your outfits for the entire week.

    12. Tackle your muscle knots with a pair of rubber massage balls if you're not down to drop $$$$ on a spa sesh.

    13. Bookmark these helpful infographics on everything you'd want to know about adulting, including how to ace a job interview, how to accept a compliment, how to find the right roommate, what to do when you get pulled over, etc.

    14. Speaking of charts, hang up an informative wine guide and get familiar with your reds, whites, and rosés — everyone will be so impressed by your knowledge.

    15. Give your pearly whites a boost before a job interview with a vegan teeth whitening pen. Bonus: it tastes minty fresh.

    16. Throw a mini first aid kit into your bag or glove compartment because you just never know when you'll get a blister or cut.

    17. Chew away your afternoon drowsiness with a pack of mint-flavored energy gum instead of having a fourth cup of coffee.

    18. Switch over to a natural deodorant (formulated with coconut water, coconut oil, and sage oil) that actually works and smells freakin' amazing.

    19. Polish away flakes and bumps with a pair of exfoliating gloves — your skin will be silky smooth no matter how dry the weather gets. Plus, they're easier to use than a scrub or brush.

    20. Monitor the temperature and humidity in your home with a digital thermometer to ensure it's always at the optimum comfort level.

    21. Stick a Ron Swanson magnet on the dishwasher so everyone knows whether the dishes are clean or dirty. Either way, Ron is not pleased because you should have washed the dishes by hand instead of using a machine.

    22. Invest in a good chef's knife that'll last forever and make cutting overripe tomatoes so much easier.

    23. Trick people into thinking you're a makeup pro with an easy-to-use cream contour and highlighting palette.

    24. Spruce up your dining table (or coffee table) with velvet pumpkins for an easy fall-themed centerpiece that'll delight your guests.

    25. If you're having trouble hitting your water intake goals, try an infusion bottle to impart some delicious natural flavors.

    When you woke up early, ate a breakfast, and had a productive day at work:

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