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    21 Things That’ll Help You Make The Best Cold Brew Of Your Life

    "Where has this ~bean~ all my life?!" — You, after reading this post.

    Hello fellow caffeine lovers! You might be thinking, "Cold brew? Isn't that just iced coffee?!" Actually, iced coffee and cold brew are similar but not the same thing!

    And now, onto the products that'll help you make that sweet, sweet cold brew coffee:

    1. A Takeya cold brew maker that'll please even the most discerning coffee snob. It has an airtight seal so your joe will stay fresh for days.

    2. An electric conical burr grinder to get perfectly even grounds every single time — it'll go a long way in improving the taste and consistency of your brews.

    3. Or, if you don't own a grinder, a bag of pre-ground coffee roasted especially for cold brewing. Plus, it's organic and ethically sourced!

    4. A rapid cold brew maker for impatient ~caffiends~ who don't want to wait a full day. This gadget will get the job done in 15 mins or less!

    5. A portable 2-in-1 gadget that brews coffee directly into a vacuum insulated carafe so you can take it to go.

    6. A Toddy cold brew system to give you a longer lasting, smoother tasting coffee concentrate. Your home brew will finally taste like the kind you buy outside!

    7. A sleek and splurge-worthy KitchenAid model with a large capacity and convenient dispenser so you'll always have delicious cold brew on tap.

    8. A French vanilla blend for getting a sweet and aromatic flavor without the aid of syrups.

    9. An aesthetically pleasing cold brew maker that'll make your morning cuppa joe feel like extra special. It can also double as a tea infuser.

    10. A Hario coffee pot with the magic ability to make average beans taste gourmet.

    11. A travel cold brew bottle you can take directly with you to work after it finishes brewing overnight.

    12. An organic coffee blend made for optimal cold brew extraction — you'll get bold, full-bodied flavor without an acidic or bitter aftertaste.

    13. Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System — an all-in-one machine that'll not only make excellent iced coffee but also every other kind of caffeinated drink (including teas!).

    14. A cold brew system consisting of a Mason jar and stainless steel filter that's both easy to use and easy to clean. Of course, it makes excellent coffee, too.

    15. A Dutch-style ice dripper to produce a less acidic brew within a few hours — no need to wait 12 hours (or more) to get your caffeine fix.

    16. A pack of single-use mesh brewing bags so you can make coffee concentrate using pretty much any container in your cabinet.

    17. Or, a reusable version made of organic cotton as a more eco-friendly choice.

    18. A pre-made cold brew concentrate that requires very little effort on your part — just dilute with water or milk! Even non-coffee-drinkers can enjoy the light and smooth flavor profile.

    19. Or, a stronger concentrate for anyone who prefers their coffee with bit more ~bite~.

    20. A French press so you have the option of both hot and cold brews.

    21. A cold brew kit to change your coffee routine forever. Just add water, steep overnight in the fridge, and enjoy that oh-so-delish New Orleans-style joe straight from the pouch.

    You, drinking your homemade cold brew:

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