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    40 Things That’ll Help You Live Your Most Organized Life In 2019

    From organized chaos to just organized.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A desk calendar so you can see important tasks and dates (birthdays, anniversaries, and dentist appointments) at a glance.

    2. A multi-device charging station to keep cords and chargers tucked away from view.

    3. A hanging closet organizer (with mesh pockets on the side) for storing items that you don't want to keep on hangers, such as sweaters or T-shirts.

    4. A set of airtight storage containers that'll keep your dry goods fresh and edible. They'll also look much better than half-empty paper bags.

    5. A makeup organizer so you don't have to dig through piles of products to find your mascara.

    6. An over-cabinet hair tool holder to prevent a ball of tangled cords from forming in the bathroom sink cabinet.

    7. A pack of generously sized sticky page dividers perfect for sorting out your notes.

    8. A shower caddy that'll keep your bath products from cluttering up the tub rim or shower floor. This one has flexible hooks that can hang on a shower head or curtain rod.

    9. A set of fridge organizer bins so all the food is visible and nothing gets pushed to the back where it's forgotten.

    10. A set of travel packing cubes to transform a packing novice to a packing pro in no time.

    11. A magnetic strip for a space-saving way to organize your knives.

    12. A highly rated finance app that'll track your spending and help you stay within budget each month.

    13. A tea bag organizer so you can say no to cabinet clutter.

    14. An expanding file folder with tabs to use as a catchall for all your important documents.

    15. A metal rack that'll keep your collection of pans, pot lids, and cutting boards easily accessible.

    16. A magnetic meal planning pad to help solidify what to eat and buy each week. No more last minute screw-it-I'll-get-take-out decisions.

    17. A set of drawer organizers so you're greeted with a neat selection of underwear every time you open the dresser.

    18. A non-slip tree hanger to hold six different tops, instead of having to keep everything on separate hangers.

    19. A woven elastic organizer because without it, all your things will just swim around loosely in your bag. It'll secure everything in place and make it easier to find what you need.

    20. A car seat organizer that can be a trash can, tissue holder, and bottle holder all in one.

    21. A double hamper that'll help sort the laundry before bringing it to the wash. Plus, the lid keeps everything looking neat and tidy.

    22. A notepad to keep track of ALL the stuff you have to do on a particular day.

    23. A car trunk organizer for stashing auto supplies or transporting groceries that you picked up from Costco.

    24. A wall-mount dispenser so you can collect and reuse plastic grocery bags.

    25. An adorable canvas bin to keep your kiddo's books and toys out of sight.

    26. A three-tier jewelry tray for keeping your heap of accessories sorted and untangled.

    27. A pack of drawer liners that'll allow you to see all the spices at once and free up tons of cabinet space.

    28. A set of drawers for coffee pods so you can sort them from light to dark roast.

    29. A kitchen drawer organizer to give every spoon and fork a designated spot.

    30. A wall-mount mop and broom holder because your other option is to shove everything in a corner and hope nothing falls.

    31. A handbag insert that'll save you from the agony of dumping out the entire contents of your tote to find one thing. The best part is you can easily move it from bag to bag!

    32. A set of interlocking bins so you can give your junk drawer a much-needed makeover.

    33. A desktop organizer roomy enough to hold all your stationery items or craft supplies.

    34. A wall organizer for keeping documents filed away and off of your very cramped desk.

    35. A sleek box that'll hide away the power strip and unruly cables.

    36. A glove compartment organizer so you can easily find insurance and registration information in case of an emergency.

    37. A collapsible storage bin to use in literally every room. When in doubt, throw it in a bin, and it will look neater.

    38. An over-door shoe organizer for anyone who has a lot of footwear but very little storage space. 🙋

    39. A stainless-steel pants hanger that'll 1) save space 2) allow you to see all the pants at a glance and grab the chosen pair quickly.

    40. A best-selling book by organizational expert Marie Kondō to guide you through the life-changing process of decluttering your home.

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