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40 Things That’ll Make You Feel More Like An Adult In 2018

2018 is truly going to be your year. I promise.

1. A magnetic meal-planning pad to stick on the fridge so you'll stop ordering so much take-out.

2. An eco-friendly toothbrush system with a reusable handle and disposable snap-on heads. Instead of throwing out a toothbrush every three to four months, you can just change the heads!

3. A highly-rated free app that'll track your spending and help you stick to a budget.

4. A 15-minute timer to remind you to take a little bit of time for yourself each day, whether to write in a journal, meditate, or self-reflect.

5. A shower clock and timer so you're not always late because the water temperature was juuuust right.

6. A personalized monthly vitamin subscription that caters to your body's needs. You'll be taking care of your health, and it won't feel like a chore!

7. A white noise sound machine to help you tune out any disturbances (like your loud, nocturnal neighbors) and get better sleep.

8. A cast iron pan and a sheet pan for making quick and simple one-pan dinners.

9. A to-do list that doubles as a mouse pad. (Pssst. In the "Never, Ever Do" section, you should put "send out an email without checking if the whole office is CC'ed.")

10. A set of pretty, blank cards to always keep on hand for special occasions. You never know when you might need to write a thank you, get well soon, or birthday card.

11. A set of exercise playing cards for a cheap and easy way to get a good work out at home.

12. A tub and tile scrubber that'll get rid of soap scum and mildew with minimum elbow grease. Nothing says "I have my life together" than a clean bathroom.

13. A set of matching stemless wine glasses to impress your guests with. They don't cost a fortune and look way better than red plastic cups.

14. An emergency weather radio with a smartphone charger and LED flashlight, because part of being an adult is being prepared.

15. A set of matching cotton sheets that'll make your room look ten times more put together and grown-up.

16. A little glass rabbit who will help you develop good habits. For example, if you want to go running more, just put it next to your sneakers for a gentle reminder.

17. A double hamper so you can sort out regular laundry and dry cleaning as the week goes by. Plus, it has a lid so everything looks neat.

18. A cookbook that'll show you how to prepare meals for the entire week starting with base dishes made over the weekend.

19. A mini emergency kit to carry in your bag at all times, just in case something happens (and usually something does).

20. A time-marked mug for keeping track of how much water you drink throughout the day. If you finish two mugs of water (refill at 2 p.m.), you would have met your goal of eight glasses per day!

21. A versatile coffee machine (with a built-in milk frother) that'll make everything from an iced coffee to a latte. You'll save so much money, and you'll be able to buy really good beans.

22. An online course on photography for bloggers, so you can finally start that website you've been planning.

23. Or, a subscription to Craftsy Unlimited, which offers hours of video tutorials on crafts such as baking or urban sketching, so you can cultivate a few hobbies other than napping.

24. A whiteboard/bulletin board combo for your home office. It'll come in handy for jotting down ideas and things to remember and for keeping track of receipts.

25. A set of lunch containers (freezer packs included) that all snap together. You'll be more inclined to pack a lunch when you get this much variety.

26. A set of organic cotton tea towels to show you which wines pair well different foods.

27. A wall-mount entryway organizer so you can keep track of the keys and important pieces of mail (which includes bills and the Williams Sonoma catalog).

28. An app that makes you solve math problems to turn off the alarm, so you can't snooze your way to lateness. (Note: this app might not work for a math whiz.)

29. A set of succulents, because 1) plants add life to a home 2) you need to learn what it's like to be responsible for another living being.

30. A pack of machine-washable (!!) fridge bin liners to help your produce last longer, so maybe they'll actually get a chance to be cooked.

31. A closet organization kit that'll magically create more space to store clothes and make it super easy to get dressed in the morning.

32. An ultra-hydrating face mask, because winter is here and part of being an adult means not ignoring dry, flaky skin.

33. A back massager to use after spending 12 hours in front of a computer. It'll loosen up knots in all the places your hands can't reach.

34. A portable steamer so you can look less disheveled on a daily basis. It's way easier to use than an actual iron.

35. A set of mesh laundry bags to save your delicates from getting torn up in the wash. Think of the money you'll save on underwear!

36. A best-selling book for anyone who's thinking of changing careers or starting a new one. It's even useful for people who just want to brush up their resumes!

37. A set of TableTopics cards so you can host a proper dinner party without worrying about the conversation getting too dry.

38. An emergency meal kit with a 25-year shelf life to keep in the pantry in case of... well, emergencies. Bonus: everything tastes pretty good.

39. A super effective natural stain remover for anyone who's tired of wearing/throwing away stained clothes. With this on hand, no one will ever know how clumsy you are.

40. A book on how to get your shit together and achieve your goddamn goals, whether that's going to the gym more, saving money, or just being less anxious.

2018 is going to be legen... wait for it... DARY!