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    30 Things That'll Help You Get So Much More Done In 2020

    You'll finally finish every single thing on your to-do list.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A multi-angle task lamp to provide the proper lighting for an intense study/work session.

    2. A bamboo monitor stand/desk organizer that'll declutter your workspace and make it more inviting.

    3. A simple but effective planner for keeping track of both short-term and long-term goals *without* feeling overwhelmed.

    4. A pair of noise-canceling headphones so you can tune everything out and let others know you're in "Do Not Disturb" mode.

    5. A powerful alarm clock (with an LED nightlight) to get you out of bed when it's bright and early.

    6. An app that'll break larger assignments into smaller focus sessions (25 minutes of work followed by a five-minute break, and repeat) so you don't burn out halfway.

    7. A set of colored pens perfect for starting a bullet journal or writing color-coded notes.

    8. A foldable and portable standing desk so you can get on your feet when you feel a nap attack sneaking up. It'll also make working on the couch or bed feel a bit comfier.

    9. A spinning paperweight to make a decision for you so you don't spend a whole day debating whether to do something or not.

    10. A Chrome extension that'll restrict the amount of time you can spend on procrastination websites. After you use up your allotted time, those websites are blocked for the rest of the day.

    11. A cold-brew maker for the most delicious way to get your daily caffeine fix. (Some of us just can't get the day started without a cup of coffee, TBH.)

    12. A headache-relieving essential oil stick (featuring a blend of peppermint, spearmint, and lavender) so a migraine doesn't put a damper on your day.

    13. A best-selling book about effective ways to get more stuff done, including the concept of productive procrastination.*

    14. A reusable notebook (just wipe clean with a damp cloth) that'll let you scan everything into smart devices or the cloud, making it super easy to share and store notes.

    15. An app for planning out your daily routine so every hour of the day is put to good use. This is great for people who don't like to use physical planners!

    16. A daily planning notepad with checkboxes because ticking off items as you complete them is very satisfying. Plus, you'll see everything you need to do for the day at a glance.

    17. A planner to help you prioritize tasks, so you tackle the most important ones first.

    18. A pair of dusting slippers that'll make it super easy to polish the floors — meaning, you'll have zero excuses to avoid cleaning!

    19. An adorable app for curing your phone addiction. If you use your phone to kill time, you'll also kill your virtual tree! 😱

    20. A pack of adulting stickers because completing any task/chore, no matter how mundane, is an accomplishment.

    21. An adjustable swivel chair to give your back the support it needs so you don't break your concentration due to discomfort.

    22. Or, a memory foam seat cushion and lumbar pillow that'll completely transform your old office chair.

    23. An under-desk pedal exerciser for anyone who works long hours at a sedentary job. It's an easy way to squeeze in some exercise.

    24. A magnetic dry-erase weekly calendar so you (and your family) can see the whole week's agenda at a glance.

    25. A box of almond butter squeeze packs to treat yourself to after several hours of hard work. It's a healthy and delicious snack that'll give you a boost of energy.

    26. A word processor that'll hide distractions and create a simple and immersive writing environment.

    27. A pack of mint-flavored energy gum for chewing away your afternoon drowsiness.

    28. A document clip to give your poor neck some much needed relief. It'll hold your papers right next to the computer monitor for easy viewing and make work way less tedious.

    29. An app to help you kick bad habits and develop good ones.

    30. A pair of computer glasses that'll make staring at a screen for hours on end feel less exhausting. They're designed to minimize eye strain caused by blue light emitted from digital screens and fluorescent lighting.

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