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    27 Things That Belong On Your Birthday Wish List

    Pokémon bath bombs, miniature cacti, wireless photo printers, Bob Ross coloring books, and other goodies that'll make awesome birthday gifts!

    1. A soft and cozy travel scarf with a hidden pocket for valuables like your passport and cash. Stylish *and* practical? Sign me up.

    2. Sparkly ballpoint pens your co-workers will definitely want to steal off your desk (but can't because you'll see them right away).

    3. A portable 2-in-1 cold brew maker that dispenses coffee directly into a vacuum insulated carafe after brewing so you can take it to go.

    4. A dandelion seed necklace (yup, it's a real seed) to ensure all your birthday wishes come true.

    5. A pocket-sized wireless photo printer perfect for starting that wall collage you've been planning.

    6. An easy breezy off-the-shoulder sundress you're ~shirr~ to wear on repeat all summer long.

    7. Reusable straws with adorable little sloths attached that'll remind you to sip on your homemade cocktails a little slower.

    8. A teeny tiny (real) cactus and mini planter to put a giant grin on your face every time you see it. Be prepared to hear "awwww" all the time.

    9. An official Baby Shark song cube for bringing you endless joy and your roommate endless agony.

    10. Faux suede leopard print heels you should treat yourself to right away. No need to ~mule~ it over.

    11. Poké ball bath bombs with little Pokémon toys hidden inside that are truly the very best. Plus, they smell like fruit-flavored cereal.

    12. A savage mug to help you start off the day on a high note.

    13. A campfire beer caramelizer for adding rich, frothy texture and a sweet, smoky taste to your booze. Heck, it just might motivate you to actually go camping.

    14. A rechargeable misting fan so you can brave 90 degree weather and hour-long lines at your favorite theme park. You'll probably get some jealous stares from both kids and adults.

    15. Banned books socks any bibliophile would go absolutely cuckoo for.

    16. Abstract earrings that'll become your favorite accessories, hands down.

    17. A minimalist faux leather bag to add a pop of color to your neutral outfits. It also folds flat completely so you can easily pack it for a trip.

    18. A shea butter–infused hair mask (disguised as a bottle of mayo) so you can get the soft and sleek locks of your dreams. And don't worry, it doesn't actually smell like mayo — it smells like vanilla and macadamia nuts.

    19. A bubble tea AirPod case almost as sweet as the actual drink.

    20. An airport-inspired doormat that'll make a trip to the grocery store feel like a mini voyage.

    21. Harry Potter coil hair ties to have on hand for every ~snitch-uation~. They won't leave a crease in your hair and will look cute on your wrist, too!

    22. A dumpling-shaped light so cute, you could just eat it right up — but don't! Save your appetite for real dumplings.

    23. A Bob Ross coloring book that'll actually help calm you down instead of stressing you out with a ton of details.

    24. A Star Wars and Beatles mashup T-shirt because wonderful things happen when your two favorite fandoms come together.

    25. A vinyl sticker to remind you to power through those hellish days where everything seems to go wrong. Not today, Satan!!!

    26. Palm leaf nail wraps so you can get a 'gram-worthy manicure for your birthday without shelling out $$$.

    27. A little book of dad jokes because terrible puns and cheesy humor should be celebrated — and not just in June!

    When you have no intention of sharing your cake:

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