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    34 Things From Forever 21 People Will Think You Got At Some Super Fancy Store

    *Spends $30, looks like a million bucks*

    1. A flowy halter maxi dress so you'll feel right at home on the beaches of St. Barts.

    2. A striped baby blue blazer that'll instantly elevate a basic tee without looking *too* formal. Or, you can wear it with the matching pants for a girlboss lewk.

    3. A houndstooth mini wrap skirt Blair Waldorf would approve of.

    4. A floral lace lingerie set so pretty, you might not want to layer clothes over it.

    5. A pair of Western-inspired ankle boots with burnished metal details for a subtle way to embrace frontier fashion.

    6. A comfy self-tie jumpsuit that'll look like you sourced it from a cute local boutique.

    7. A faux-leather chevron backpack sure to capture your heart. It'll look just as fancy as a designer version!

    8. A button-front peplum top to easily dress up your fave pair of jeans.

    9. A leopard print beach towel for staking out your territory by the pool — no one can claim they didn't see it!

    10. A pair of marbled drop earrings that could easily pass for a posh jewelry store purchase.

    11. A gorgeous floral maxi dress you've definitely seen a pricier version of on the 'gram.

    12. A breathable cotton wrap-front dress so you can look cute *and* stay cool when the weather starts getting warmer.

    13. A cheerful lemon chiffon top for spending summers in Italy — or in my case, the local gelato shop!

    14. A versatile striped dolman shirt you can dress up or down — it'll work for the office (tucked into trousers), a tropical resort (as a swimsuit coverup), and everywhere in between.

    15. A linen-blend sage green blazer that can double as a sophisticated blouse. Very Parisian chic.

    16. A pyramid jewelry holder with a marble-inspired base to be the perfect home for your precious accessories.

    17. A delicate (almost ethereal) chiffon kimono worthy of an elven queen.

    18. A chambray cami dress (with POCKETS!!!) that'll feel luxuriously soft against your skin.

    19. A pair of stretchy striped pants, if your style is a blend of sophistication and comfort.

    20. A belted sweater dress so you can look super put together with very little effort. Simply add statement earrings and your footwear of choice.

    21. A stylish houndstooth jacket just thick enough for chilly spring evenings.

    22. A chain and tassel print one-piece swimsuit that'll remind you of your grandma's expensive silk scarf.

    23. A billowy embroidered blouse your roommate will definitely borrow (and never return).

    24. A pair of high-rise jeans with a faded design and button closures that give them a lovely vintage ~feel~.

    25. A crochet-trim maxi dress so you can look like a bohemian goddess this summer.

    26. A classic denim jacket that'll prove you don't need to spend a fortune on a quality wardrobe staple.

    27. A plush faux fur vest to be a perfect transition piece from coat season to no-coat season.

    28. A satin slip dress you can wear to bed or out on the town — just layer a T-shirt under it for extra warmth!

    29. An ~unbe-leaf-ably~ cute shirt because you're ready for a safari. Now if someone would just buy the plane tickets...

    30. A retro one-piece swimsuit that belongs on the cover of a vintage issue of Vogue.

    31. A pair of pleated palazzo pants to acheive that celeb off-duty aesthetic.

    32. A statement off-the-shoulder floral dress for making dramatic entrances. *Cue hair flip*

    33. A metallic striped athletic jacket guaranteed to impress your workout buddies. Caution: they might show up with the same one next week.

    34. A simple and elegant pipe-trimmed top that's giving me major Coco Chanel vibes.

    Me, looking at everything in this post:

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