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    30 Splurge-Worthy Products From Walmart That Might Upgrade Your Life

    A Waterpik water flosser, a cordless Dyson vacuum, a pair of leather booties, and other awesome products you can get at Walmart that are worth the investment.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A rechargeable sonic facial cleansing brush that'll remove all traces of dirt and makeup and provide gentle exfoliation.

    Read our full review of the Foreo Luna Mini 2!

    Promising review: "I was looking for something like this brush for a very long time and nothing I tried was as good as the Mini 2. It's great for exfoliating, cleansing, removing makeup, massaging the skin — it does everything and it's very, very hygienic. I love it." —JeanCL

    Price: $115.99 (also available in other colors)

    2. A soda maker for making fizzy water at home, because your La Croix habit is getting expensive.


    It's powered by a reusable CO2 canister that can make up to 60 liters of sparkling water.

    Promising review: "I got this for my birthday from my fiancé. I am obsessed wwith soda, so we figured this would be a cheaper and possibly healthier solution. I love my SodaStream so much! I make myself a drink every morning and the glasses are big enough that they last through the day. The carbonation canister lasts and lasts and lasts. The best part is that you can get a refill at Walmart for a lot cheaper than buying a new canister." —Ropergirl

    Price: $63+ (available in three colors)

    3. A Waterpik water flosser so you can take your oral hygiene to new heights.


    It has 10 pressure settings and six water flossing tips.

    Promising review: "Four months ago, my dentist's hygienist recommended the Waterpik water flosser after it was determined that I had gum pockets that needed extra attention besides just brushing and flossing. I just had my three-month follow-up dental cleaning and the hygienist commented that there was significant improvement in the health of my gums. Although I do not use the Waterpik every day, I will continue to use it at least three times a week as I have been doing so far." —PammR

    Price: $64.97

    4. A Garmin Forerunner 35 GPS running watch to keep track of your fitness progress so you'll be motivated to hit your goals.

    In addition to a built-in GPS (which tracks how far, how fast and where you run), this smartwatch monitors your heart rate, steps, calories, and more!

    Promising review: "After a year of being a Fitbit owner, I made the switch to a GPS watch so I could stop carrying my phone on my arm on every run. I've been on several runs since I've got this watch and I've been very happy with how it functions. It has the sleep tracker, which I really like, the step counter, and is very accurate with the heart rate monitoring. It has the ability to track things for runners that Fitbit cannot, such as stride cadence, pace, elevation, and a few other tools I'm really just learning how to navigate. For under $200, I can't imagine why anyone would need anything better than what this watch can do. If this is among the watches you're considering, go for it!" —Ryan

    Price: $129.99 (available in four colors)

    5. A faux potted plant that's both a pretty piece of decor and a hidden litter box for your furry friend.


    Promising review: "The proof is in the pudding. The CAT loves it! It's less messy than a regular litter box, the smell is decreased, it's attractive, and if you have the opening turned away from visitors, they would never know this is a litter box. We are 100% pleased." —annieblue47

    Price: $75.34

    6. An air fryer for making your fave fried foods with less oil but the same amount of crispiness.


    It has a 3.2-quart capacity and dishwasher-safe non-stick components.

    Promising review: "I purchased this air fryer a couple of weeks ago, and I have used it every day! I have made fries, carrot chips, chicken, salmon, bacon, hash browns, and pizza! This is one of the best investments that I have made. No oil needed. I used a little canola oil spray a couple of times, and that is about it. It's very easy to clean, and it's convenient. If you buy this you won't be sorry, promise." —Ivory

    Price: $59.88

    7. A pair of versatile leather booties you'll want to rock right away. Thank goodness boot season is almost here!

    Promising review: "I bought these booties two to three years ago and they finally need to be replaced. They're great quality and long-lasting! I've worn them all over the world, and they're the most comfortable bootie that goes with any outfit! I've even gotten friends to buy the same pair! I'll be getting a new pair this fall for sure!" —Nicole D

    Price: $89.95 (available in regular and wide sizes 5–13 and six colors)

    8. A sleep sound machine, because a good night's rest is priceless.


    This sound machine has 30 rich and immersive non-repeating sound environments. It also has an optional sleep timer that gently reduces the volume after 30, 60, 90, or 120 minutes to allow you to drift off to sleep.

    Promising review: "Cannot speak highly enough about this machine — the quality of the sound is outstanding, meaning the speaker and the variety of natural sounds to choose from (we've enjoyed white noise, ocean, and brook so far.) It's also very nice looking and easy to use (the timer is easy to set, as are the choice of sounds, and it looks great on our dresser). My husband and I use it when we are reading, napping, or going to sleep — we've tried all the other name brands, and this one is by far the best. So happy we found it at Walmart!" —CJNL

    Price: $62.99

    9. Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium hair dryer that'll actually cut down on drying time and help you get out the door faster.


    Promising review: "Babyliss is quieter than my last [hairdryer] and lighter, but it dries FASTER and my hair is smoother. I finish off with the cool setting and it's nice not to have to hold down a button to do so. When I do this, I don't even have to straighten my hair, it's like I had a salon blow out. Oh, and the cord is long so I can walk around the bathroom using it." —Susan

    Price: $57.99

    10. A Bose SoundLink Revolve+ Bluetooth speaker for taking crisp and clear audio with you anywhere, from the bathroom (yup, it's water-resistant) to the park.,

    The rechargeable, lithium-ion battery plays up to 16 hours for full-day listening. There are voice prompts that'll talk you through Bluetooth pairing, and there’s a built-in speakerphone for calls.

    Promising review: "Unbelievably durable! My SoundLink fell out of my car (don't ask how) while I was going 15 mph — I was shocked! It had minor scratches and road debris on it, but it played as if nothing had happened (I'm serious — nothing!). Outstanding build quality, not to mention sound." —HerRo

    Price: $299 (available in two colors)

    11. A silk pillowcase so you can point to your very smooth hair and say, "Yes, I actually did wake up like this."


    Promising review: "It is true! Silk is the best thing to sleep on. Softest, smoothest pillowcase I've ever put my head on. My husband and kids try to steal my pillow now! I'm definitely buying another one." —Silksleeper

    Price: $20.69+ (available in three sizes and 18 colors)

    12. A cordless Dyson V7 Motorhead vacuum to make sucking up crumbs and dust bunnies a breeze — you might even *gasp* enjoy vacuuming.


    Read our full review of Dyson V7 Motorhead vacuum.

    Here's an excerpt: "I found it to be more than powerful enough for my hardwood floors, and it even ran smoothly over a thick and shaggy rug in my living area. Because I didn't have to crouch down anymore, I became more motivated to vacuum up hairs and dustbunnies from under the desk and around the sink. The vacuum itself isn't too loud and actually makes the chore feel a little less tedious." —Yi Yang

    Price: $249 (also available as a refurbished model)

    13. A highly rated waterproof liquid eyeliner that'll stick by you through blood, sweat, and tears. (Hopefully not the blood and tears part. Happy tears are okay, though.),

    Promising review: "This is my go-to eyeliner. Easy to use and stays on all day." —CBB

    Price: $19.99

    This is our pick for the best mid-priced liquid eyeliner on BuzzFeed Reviews!

    14. A colorful S'well water bottle for encouraging you to hit your eight-cups-a-day target.

    Promising review: "Best bottle ever! Keeps beverages ice cold for the longest time out of any water bottle I've used." —Snowy

    Price: $18.92+ (available in two colors)

    15. A makeup removing cloth so effective, you might be convinced it's black magic. It's washable and reusable so just think of it as a one-time investment.


    Promising review: "I love this product so far. I have sensitive skin and I love that this can remove the majority of my makeup with nothing but water. I do go back with a makeup remover to get any remaining eye makeup, but the Make Up Eraser doesn't leave much behind. Afterward, I just rinse it with whatever soap I have on hand, ring it out, and hang it up to try for the next cleaning session. I also love that I can save some money on disposable makeup removing towelettes. Would definitely buy again and recommend to others." —Nicole

    Price: $11.88+ (available in seven colors)

    This is our mid-priced pick for the best makeup remover at BuzzFeed Reviews!

    16. A three-inch gel memory foam topper to completely transform a hard and uncomfortable mattress.


    Promising review: "I found this topper to be every bit as nice and comfortable as the more expensive models I looked at before purchasing. My mattress is new, but a bit firmer than I prefer, and this topper is truly icing on the cake. It does not hold heat like traditional memory foam and I feel like I'm sleeping on a marshmallow. I highly recommend this budget-friendly luxury item!" —Jaybee

    Price: $58.16+ (available in sizes twin–California king)

    17. A rugged hardshell suitcase that won't get scratched or dented after just a few trips. You can count on it for many summers to come.


    Promising review: "I took this on a business trip to NYC and loved it. Sturdy long handle, great wheels and particularly liked having handles on each side. Looked brand new after airport handling! Inside has numerous pockets (along with a wet pocket) and love the zipper divider." —WomenOfLeisure

    Price: 28-inch model for $89 (available in four colors)

    18. A comfy and aesthetically pleasing leather office chair for anyone who spends at least eight hours a day at their desk.


    Promising review: "Using as my desk chair. Super comfy. Love that the height is adjustable. It is very white, so be watchful of dirt and residue. Great back support. Super easy to put together. Took less than 30 minutes. I would buy this over and over again!" —Samantha

    Price: $95 (available in two leather colors and three hardware finishes)

    19. A Ninja Professional blender so you don't need to rely on your local juice shop for a smoothie fix. This powerful machine will crush ice, kale, frozen fruits, and whatever else you throw at it like a champ.

    It has a 72-ounce, BPA-free container and three blending speeds. All the removable parts are dishwasher-safe.

    Promising review: "I love making smoothies and blew through two regular blenders within four months, so I needed a heavy-duty blender. This Ninja Professional Blender fits the bill perfectly. It's easy to use, chops ice and fruit with no problem, and is simple to use. I love this Ninja because it's simple, i.e., it has easy-to-read buttons without all of the nuances of some of the more expensive models. I highly recommend the Ninja Professional if you're looking for a classic, up-to-date blender that'll power-through ice, fruit, and whatever else you throw at it." —SmoothieGirl

    Price: $69.99

    20. A stunning geode canvas print your guests will think you bought at an expensive gallery. It'll add a luxe feel to any space.


    Promising review: "I love the golden hue and textured looking effect of this stretched canvas wall art. It adds an instant upgrade to any room!" —OneFabAunt

    Price: $69

    21. A sunscreen by EltaMD that won't irritate sensitive and acne-prone skin. It's slightly more expensive than drugstore brands, but oh-so worth it.

    My skin is both sensitive and acne-prone, and I absolutely love this sunscreen. It's probably the only one that doesn't break me out!

    Promising review: "Easy to use, the pump allows me to use the precise amount I want. Does not leave a sticky or white residue. Since I use it only on my face everyday, this has lasted six months so far. It is half the price of the same product at the dermatologist's office." —JDS

    Price: $27.44

    22. A 7-in-1 Instant Pot for consolidating several appliances into one and getting dinner on the table faster.


    This handy kitchen gadget has seven functions: rice cooker, pressure cooker, slow cooker, steamer, sauté, yogurt maker, and warmer. Check out our full review of the Instant Pot!

    Promising review: "We made our first meal in the Instant Pot the other day, which was ribs, and what would normally take four to six hours in a slow cooker took only 35 minutes using the meats/stew button on the Instant Pot, and the ribs fell off the bone! I couldn't believe I could have dinner done that quickly! This is a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker/porridge maker, steamer, saute/browning, yogurt maker and warmer. You can get rid of all those things you have because now you have it all in one pot! It has a keep warm setting and also a 24-hour delay start option, too. You can slow cook for 0.5–20 hours, which is the best part for me because many times I lose track of time and forget to set my slow cooker and realize I now have two hours to cook dinner when the lowest option on a slow cooker is four hours. No need to worry about that anymore. Just be super careful with the pressure cooker as the steam releases fast and high. Greatest cooking appliance I have ever had so far." —Brazilchick32

    Price: six-quart size for $74.96

    23. A berry-scented sleeping mask to help transform dry, cracked lips into a soft, supple pout overnight.

    Promising review: "Amazing! I tried this product out since my lips are always dry and it really helped bring my lips back to life. They feel more nourished, healthier, and do not get as dry as they used to." —DylanZ

    Price: $19.49

    24. A futuristic motion-sensor trash can so you can feel like one of the Jetsons.

    Promising review: "This is for my 85-year-old mother who has back, leg, and hip problems to replace her step trash can. The motion detector is very sensitive and works perfectly." —1underdog

    Price: $118.28

    25. A tube of L'Occitane shea butter hand cream (formulated with 20 percent shea butter, honey, almond extracts, and coconut oil) that'll help soften and nourish dry skin.

    Promising review: "Greaseless and easy to apply. Takes care of the winter dryness and soothes chapped knuckles in minutes." —Chris

    Price: $26

    26. An air purifier (with a True HEPA filter) for catching dust, pollen, smoke, odor, mold spores, and pet dander, so you can breathe easy in your own home.


    Promising review: "I bought this less than a month ago to deal with secondhand smoke caused by neighbors and allergens. I live in an apartment and have no control over the air I breathe being polluted by neighbors chain smoking, air vents never being cleaned, etc. I researched every air purifier on the market for over a year. Most are far more expensive. After two weeks with this unit, I went from poor sleep, daily asthma attacks, severe headaches, and body numbing fatigue to no asthma attacks, no dust on my furniture, and smoke removed from the air before it could be circulated around my apartment. I now sleep through the night and have my energy back! I have a big place so I will be buying another one, but this machine is the best out there and the price made it affordable!" —Michellemybelle5

    Price: $109.99

    27. A plush velvet throw pillow to instantly upgrade a worn-in couch and provide some extra floor seating.


    Promising review: "I am obsessed with this floor pillow. I bought one for myself since I like to sit on the floor a lot, but the cats lay on it all the time as well. It is SUPER easy to clean cat hair off of and is very comfortable but also chic on my floor. I ended up buying a second one because we loved it so much! It is very plush and has held its shape nicely!" —Amanda

    Price: $25.50 (available in eight colors)

    28. A Nespresso machine so you'll have fresh coffee at the push of a button. It literally takes less than a minute!


    Promising review: "This well-built and easy to set up espresso machine is a great choice. The selection of flavors and strengths are vast and the taste is better then your imagination could ever imagine. I'm so glad I bought a Nespresso machine." —VitoCapano

    Price: $108

    29. A KitchenAid stand mixer that'll make whipping up large batches of cookies a joyful experience. You can also count on it to last forever.


    The five-quart bowl has the capacity to mix up to nine dozen cookies, four loaves of bread, or seven pounds of mashed potatoes in a single batch. There are 10 different speed settings. It comes with a coated flat beater, a coated dough hook, a six-wire whip, and a pouring shield.

    Promising review: "I've already used it multiple times since purchasing, and I've got tons of the attachments on my Christmas wish list! You CANNOT go wrong with this purchase. Most people run at the sight of a high price tag (especially when you're in your 20's like me) but this mixer is worth every penny! You will have it for a LIFETIME! My mom has had hers for over 25 years, and it still works as great as the day she got it. So excited to create some delicious memories with mine!" —TexasChic

    Price: $299.99 (available in 39 colors)

    30. A bottle of argan oil-based treatment for leaving your hair silky smooth without weighing it down.

    Promising review: "Miracle product! Makes hair feel healthy and adds shine without weighing hair down or feeling heavy or oily." —DebP

    Price: $31

    Your wallet to you, after you invest in any of these products:


    Reviews here have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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