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    34 Soothing Products That’ll Transform Your Bathroom Into A Spa

    Let the pampering begin.

    1. A wearable candle to use as a solid perfume when not being burned and a soothing massage oil when melted.

    2. A quick-drying microfiber towel that'll feel oh-so-soft against your skin/hair.

    3. A bamboo caddy so you can treat yourself to a book, a candle, and a glass of wine while taking a long soak. #bathgoals

    4. A bath brush made of oak and horsehair to pamper yourself with. It gently exfoliates the skin while creating a luxurious lather.

    5. A pair of memory-foam spa sandals that'll cradle your feet like two little clouds.

    6. A body wash and body lotion set infused with essential oils perfect for some after-work aromatherapy.

    7. A crystal salt massage stone that'll help relax tight muscles and calm the senses.

    8. A spa seat, because being able to sit down in a shower makes it 10x more enjoyable. (It also makes shaving your legs less of a safety hazard.)

    9. A dual shower head that'll do all sorts of wonderful things your old shower head won't (such as massaging and misting your skin).

    10. A cotton robe to wrap yourself in while you're waiting for that clay mask to dry.

    11. A towel warmer so your bath linens will always feel like they're fresh out of the dryer.

    12. A coconut milk bath infused with essential oils (and dried lavender buds and rose petals) to soothe your tired old soul and give your skin an enviable glow.

    13. A double-sided facial brush so you can treat your face to a deep cleanse. It'll dislodge impurities and blackheads out of pores.

    14. An ombre shower curtain in a calming shade of seafoam green that'll remind you of beachside resorts.

    15. A bottle of lavender mint-scented oil you can add to a hot bath or massage directly onto your skin.

    16. A cushy bath pillow to act as a buffer between your head and the hard tub, so you can actually sit back and relax.

    17. A bottle of eucalyptus foaming bath with Epsom salt that helps soothe aches and pains and bubbles up more than champagne.

    18. A calming candle with an amethyst stone to burn during baths, yoga, meditation, or when you're just chillin'.

    19. A foot massager and scrubber that sticks to the ground so you can buff dead skin away without hunching over. (Scrubbing calluses can be a workout, amirite?)

    20. A fruit-infuser bottle for getting that fancy cucumber water they serve at actual spas. It's shatter-resistant, too, so it'll survive being knocked off the edge of the tub.

    21. A hydrating hair mask to nourish your thirsty locks — it'll feel like you got a proper salon treatment.

    22. A bath bomb that targets a specific problem, whether it's insomnia, a cold, or pure stress.

    23. A pair of moisturizing gel socks to restore your cracked feet to a baby-soft state. Will it feel weird? Yes. But is it worth it? 100%.

    24. A cooling gel mask that is to eyebags what Buffy is to vampires.

    25. A pack of yummy-smelling sheet masks for a quick and budget-friendly at-home facial.

    26. A potent oil to rescue your dry-ass cuticles from hangnails and peeling.

    27. An incredibly fluffy bathmat you'll secretly wish was a rug so you could just lie on it all day.

    28. A box of soap petals that's the prettiest way to scent the bathroom. Wash your hands with them or throw a few in a bubble bath.

    29. An applicator with a long handle for spreading lotion to all the places your arms can't reach.

    30. An all-natural body polish formulated with virgin coconut oil and Bulgarian rose that'll exfoliate and moisturize skin, leaving it silky smooth.

    31. A box of dried flowers to add to a hot bath or make your own bath products with. They're edible, so you can even brew a floral tea to sip on.

    32. A water-resistant Bluetooth speaker perfectly suited for playing zen music near a misty shower or steamy tub.

    33. A facial steamer that'll open your pores and get rid of impurities in the most relaxing way possible.

    34. An aesthetically-pleasing wooden sign to remind you to take some "me" time once in a while.

    You never have to justify treating yourself.