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    23 Products On Amazon Our Readers Are Loving Right Now

    Cozy cardigans, adorable cat pens, exfoliating washcloths, and 20 other favorite products from our recent posts.

    1. A cozy open-front cardigan to wrap yourself in when you get chilly... which is all the time.

    2. A pack of exfoliating washcloths that'll leave your skin silky smooth (and save you lots of money on body scrubs).

    3. A plush toy with a pulsing "heartbeat" your four-legged friend can snuggle up to. It even comes with disposable warming packs to provide extra comfort!

    4. A mineral powder for keeping your face fresh and shine-free all day. Bonus: it smells delightfully minty.

    5. A stylish and versatile headband to wear to yoga or on a lazy hair day. It won't budge or give you a headache.

    6. A set of ~pawsome~ rollerball pens your coworkers/classmates will want to steal.

    7. A bottle of pomegranate seed oil that'll moisturize and rejuvenate your skin and hair.

    8. A colorful and lightweight print cardigan sure to attract many compliments.

    9. A bottle of organic apple cider vinegar to mix with everyone's favorite Aztec Secret Indian Bentonite Healing Clay for a potent cleansing mask that'll extract toxins and impurities. Apply with a mask brush for optimal effect.

    10. A book filled with witchy wisdom: DIY projects, rituals, and spells (as well as fun historical tidbits) perfect for anyone who's into a little Practical Magic.

    11. A chunky cable-knit cardigan that'll keep you 100% warm with 0% itchiness.

    12. A pore-covering primer so your skin will be velvetly smooth and ready for foundation to glide on.

    13. A batwing cardigan you won't want to take off because it's basically a wearable blanket.

    14. A pair of affordable earbuds that actually sound great and will last you for years. (Plus, you won't be too heartbroken if you accidentally lose them.)

    15. A waterproof eyeliner pencil (with a sharpener) designed to stay on all day without smudging.

    16. A jar of natural, baking soda-free deodorant formulated for sensitive skin.

    17. A compact and efficient portable power bank so you can juice up on the go. It can charge two devices at once!

    18. A plaid shirt-dress with a high-low hem and pockets to pair with tights or over-the-knee boots.

    19. A foaming bath infused with Epsom salts, eucalyptus, and spearmint for a spa-worthy soaking experience.

    20. A bamboo monitor stand that'll help keep your desk area tidy and improve your working posture.

    21. A container of bathtub tints for creating a watery rainbow — without staining the tub. It's so pretty, the kids will actually want to take a bath.

    22. A tie-belt dress cozy enough to wear in the fall and winter, especially when paired with leggings and boots!

    23. A pack of rawhide-free dog chews made of vegetables and chicken. They're less ~ruff~ on your pup's stomach so you don't have to worry about giving them a treat (or two).

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