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    37 Products To Make Daily Life Just A Little Bit Easier

    🎶So no one told you life was gonna be this way🎶 —Me, singing the Friends theme song while adding these products to cart.

    1. A subscription to Home Chef — a meal kit service that'll deliver fresh, perfectly-portioned ingredients to your doorstep so cooking dinner won't feel like such a chore. You might even *gasp* enjoy it.

    The finished results of the recipe Slow Cooker Turkey Minestrone

    2. A set of leak-proof food containers so you can throw your lunch into your bag without thinking twice. Meal prep is tiring enough already — you shouldn't have to worry about spilling salad dressing all over your stuff.

    3. A tube of Boy Brow by Glossier to get perfectly-groomed-yet-natural-looking brows in ten seconds flat. Getting ready in the morning just got so much easier.

    4. A reusable makeup-erasing cloth for when you're tired and a multi-step skincare routine just isn't going to happen. Simply add a little water, wipe, and you're done.

    A BuzzFeeder using the pink cloth to wipe makeup off from half of her face

    5. A candle or reed diffuser that smells like your hometown to soothe your tired old soul and maybe even bring back some childhood memories. Even if you can't actually fly back home, your apartment will smell really nice.

    The candle and diffuser in Texas scent. The labels show the name and shape of the state

    6. An eyeliner stamp so getting perfectly matching wings doesn't take, like, an hour. No more throwing your eyeliner across the room in a fit of rage.

    7. A microwavable heating pad to help make sore muscles, period cramps, and painful joints a bit more bearable. Thanks, body!

    A person applying the burrito-sized orange pad on their stomach

    8. An easy-to-fill-out gratitude journal for reflecting on all the good things in your life, especially on days when it seems like everything is stacked against you.

    The navy floral cover of the journal with text that reads goods days start with gratitude

    9. An essential oil stick that can help bring sweet, sweet relief when something inevitably triggers a mid-day migraine.

    A BuzzFeeder holding the lipstick-sized headache stick

    10. A John Frieda hot air brush so you can get a professional-looking blowout with minimal time and effort (for the two days a week that your hair is not in a messy bun).

    Reviewer photo of their hair before and after using the brush. Before the hair is somewhat messy and frizzy and after the hair is smooth and styled up

    11. A 5-pound bag of gummy bears (which some reviewers call "the world's best gummy bears"), because there are days when a regular-size bag just isn't enough.

    The colorful gummies in a white bowl

    12. A cold brew maker, if you can't get the day started without a cuppa joe. You'll be able to get great tasting coffee *without* spending a quarter of your paycheck at Starbucks.

    13. A fidget spinner ring disguised as a piece of fine jewelry that'll come in handy when your hands feel restless.

    14. A Disney+ subscription so you'll have an endless amount of heartwarming content to cheer you up when you're feeling blue.

    Disney+ banner

    15. Hydrating sheet masks perfect for a cheap yet effective at-home facial, because self-care doesn't need to cost a fortune. Just apply one of these, turn on your favorite show, and forget about the'll have moisturized skin in no time.

    16 of the different varieties of masks

    16. A weighted blanket that might help anxious sleepers get a good night's rest. It's designed to simulate the soothing pressure of being hugged.

    A model relaxing under the grey blanket

    17. A box of pimple patches to absorb (or cover up) massive zits that always show up right before a job interview. If you feel like your own skin is out to get you, I can relate.

    18. A dual foot roller with acupressure nubs, because our feet take so much abuse on a daily basis and there's no one around to give them a massage.

    A pair of feet on top of the wooden roller

    19. A memory foam seat cushion and lumbar pillow that'll completely transform your old office chair. They'll make sitting down for hours and hours a comfier experience.

    An office chair equipped with matching cushion and pillow in grey

    20. A Maybelline Dark Circles Treatment Concealer with a built-in felt applicator so you don't have to whip out a brush. It'll actually erase all evidence of the fact that you went to bed at 4 a.m. (but unfortunately, it does not get rid of tiredness).

    21. A pair of stylish waterproof booties to protect your poor feet from the elements. Wet socks will become a thing of the past.

    Photo collage of models wearing the same black rubber rain boots

    22. An overflow drain cover, because all you want is a full bath without having to refill every five minutes — is that too much to ask?!

    The transparent cover blocking an overflow drain, with a hole at the top to release water a few inches higher

    23. A lightweight and cruelty-free eyeshadow primer that'll work overtime to ensure your makeup stays creaseless and smudge-free even on a hot and sweaty day. You got 99 problems but a creased lid ain't one.

    Before and after photos of a reviewer's eye makeup at 6:30 am and 8:30 pm. There is hardly any creasing

    24. Anti-chafe lace bands so walking in a skirt for hours on a hot day won't leave your thighs feeling irritated.

    A reviewer wearing the black lace bands on their thighs

    25. A password journal to help you remember the log-in info for different websites so you're not accidentally locked out after trying the wrong password for too many times. (Was it one capital letter or two?! Argh.)

    26. A clothes folder, because somehow just washing and drying our laundry is not enough, we also have to fold everything. 🙄 At least this nifty tool will help make the task a lot more tolerable. Wash, fold, repeat — and such is life!

    A step-by-step image on how to use the perforated folder

    27. A portable steamer that's the key to looking put-together in a flash — it'll straighten out crumpled tops with basically zero effort. No need to drag out the clunky ironing board.

    28. A pack of elastic fasteners, if you're tired of waking up with the sheets half way off the mattress. If you toss and turn a lot or just have a really slippery/thick mattress, these might help resolve your woes.

    The elastic fastener features two metal clips on each side to grip the fitted sheet

    29. A document clip to give your poor neck some much-needed rest. It'll hold your papers right next to the computer monitor for easy viewing and make work way less tedious.

    Reviewer photo of the clip holding a document, which is attached to a computer monitor

    30. A bracelet fastener for anyone who's tackled their arm to the ground just to put on a piece of jewelry.

    A pair of hands using the fastener, which is pen-sized stick with a metal clip on one end,  to attach a bracelet

    31. A pair of computer glasses that'll make staring at a screen for hours on end feel less exhausting. They're designed to minimize eyestrain caused by blue light emitted from digital screens and fluorescent lighting.

    32. A microwave pasta cooker you may be skeptical of at first, but will be glad you bought on nights when you're too tired to cook (and too broke to order takeout).

    33. A pack of bra strap holders, because nothing is more annoying than pulling up your bra straps for the 30th time.

    The elastic holder attached to two bra staps in the back of a model

    34. A pair of soft and stretchy high-waisted leggings to wear on days you can't be bothered to put on pants (but still want to look cute). They're seriously as comfy as pajamas.

    Reviewer wearing the leggings in white, which are not see-through

    35. An acupressure wrist band that may help to relieve motion sickness, morning sickness, or other forms of nausea.

    Reviewer wearing the pink band on their wrist

    36. A pack of clear bumper stickers so you won't be woken up by your roomie at 7 in the morning again. Stick some inside your cabinets or under the toilet seat, and it'll stop the slamming noises once and for all.

    Photo collage of the transparent stickers applied on different surfaces

    37. A hair-finishing stick, because sometimes one flyaway is the tipping point between a good day and a bad one. Smooth 'do, smooth day.

    Before and after photo of a reviewer using the stick. Before using their hair is frizzy all over and after using their hair is smooth with very few flyaways

    When these products do their best to make your life better:

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