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    22 Products That’ll Bring A Little Nature Into Your Home

    Plants make everything ~succ~ a little less.

    1. Peel-and-stick wallpaper that might trick your mind into thinking you're surrounded by lush greenery.

    2. A low-maintenance countertop garden for having fresh herbs at your fingertips year-round (no matter how small or sun-less your apartment might be).

    3. A transparent window bird feeder so you (and your feline friend) can observe local birdies up close without startling them.

    4. A sleep sound machine programmed with multiple nature sounds (summer night, thunder, ocean, brook, white noise, and rain) to soothe your tired soul and help you get some quality Z's.

    5. A natural-looking faux hanging vine garland that'll make an excellent background for FaceTime/Zoom calls.

    6. A set of rustic steel planters for a creative way to turn your succulents (real or faux) into wall art.

    7. Chic plastic wall planters so you can finally achieve your dream of having an entire wall of plants.

    8. A macrame plant hanger to turn your pathos or string-of-pearls into a lovely green waterfall.

    9. A set of rope hanging glass planters that'll make adorable homes for tiny plant cuttings.

    10. A butterfly biome for attracting winged visitors to your patio or backyard. It'll provide non-migrating butterflies with food and shelter and you with some much-needed company.

    11. A relaxation water fountain (with a LED crystal ball light on the top) so you can close your eyes and pretend there's a babbling brook inside your house. It's small enough to fit nicely on a desk.

    12. An LED-top terrarium to create a tiny green oasis in your home, even if there isn't a lot of space for potted plants.

    13. A self-watering flower jar garden kit that'll not only look adorable on your table but will also be a breeze to take care of. Just add seeds and water, place the under sunlight, and you're all set.

    14. A little artificial lemon tree for anyone who doesn't have a yard but wishes they did.

    15. A pack of air plants, because they require very little care but can bring you a whole lotta joy.

    16. A bouquet of fresh flowers (these are blue hydrangeas) to give your bedside or dining table a refresh.

    17. Or, a floral comforter set that'll instantly brighten up your bedroom (and your mood) — no actual flowers required.

    18. A wildflower meadow tapestry for giving you a ~view~ of the great outdoors.

    19. An aesthetically pleasing display stand so you can put your plant buddies (including hanging ones) front and center in any room.

    20. A monstera plant to turn one corner of your apartment into a little tropical paradise.

    21. Or, an assortment of mini succulents to adorn your windowsill — they're low maintenance and perfect for new plant parents.

    22. A soy wax candle that smells like "incense wafting through a birch forest" because if you can't go to the mountains, you might as well bring the mountains to you.

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