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    34 Products That Are Basically Too Satisfying For Words


    1. An antioxidant-rich magnetic mask that'll effortlessly lift off with a magnet wand.

    2. A purple seat cushion to make sitting for hours on end a little less painful.

    3. A handy gadget for slicing a bunch of cherry tomatoes at once.

    4. A bottle of vitamins so pretty, you won't mind taking them.

    5. A container of clear slime that'll destroy your productivity.

    6. A set of magnetic tiles to piece together and make pretty much anything you want.

    7. A disgustingly satisfying pimple-popping toy for anyone who enjoys squeezing the crap out of a zit.

    8. A magnetic light you'll want to switch on and off and on and off....

    9. A foamy face wash that'll not only smell like roses but will also look like one coming out of the bottle.

    10. A rainbow projector to turn your room into a magical place where unicorns live.

    11. A decorating kit for making cupcakes with tri-color frosting and convincing people you're some sort of baking whiz.

    12. A notebook with magnetic pages you can rearrange however you like.

    13. A spinning toy that'll form mesmerizing patterns as it runs up and down your arm.

    14. A magical 3D-printing pen — it's a toy that lets you make other toys (and whatever else you can think of).

    15. A pack of squishy Orbeez to sink your hands (or feet) into.

    16. Or, these GIANT water beads you'll be tempted to throw like water balloons.

    17. A handy kitchen gadget that'll tempt you to peel, core, and slice every apple in sight.

    18. A fast-working wine stain remover because people who enjoy red wine usually also enjoy wearing white shirts. (It's weird but true.)

    19. A heat-conducting knife for an easy way to spread cold butter.

    20. A box of Kinetic Sand (aka squeezable/moldable sand) you'll want to run your hands through over and over again.

    21. A lamp that can open like a book. The cover is magnetic, so it sticks to any metal surface.

    22. A fidget toy appropriately named the "Lollipopter" because it's like candy for your eyes.

    23. A de-shedding glove for a mess-free way to brush away the loose hair on your furry friend.

    24. An electric pressure washer to get rid of any grime stuck on your walls, driveway, or car.

    25. A cloud bath bomb that'll explode into a rainbow in your bathtub.

    26. A 2-in-1 device cleaner to finally get rid of the nastiness collecting on your tablet/phone/computer screen.

    27. A set of brush pens perfect for pursuing the art of calligraphy.

    28. A peel-off polish barrier so you can paint outside the lines and then peel the excess product right off.

    29. A can of cleaning slime that'll mold itself to fit the otherwise unreachable crevices on electronic devices and pick up all the dirt.

    30. An electric peeler named "Rotato Express" (lol). But don't let the name deceive you — it'll peel things other than potatoes, such as fruits.

    31. A stainless steel garlic crusher for people who have a morbid fascination with the way garlic gets pushed through tiny holes. It can't just be me.

    32. A magnetic spot scrubber designed to clean bottles with small openings.

    33. A hot dog slicer that'll either make you feel super satisfied or super uncomfortable.

    34. A bottle filled with ferrofluid you should keep on your desk as a conversation starter. It's satisfying but also kind of terrifying.

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