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    33 Products On Amazon Our Readers Are Loving Right Now

    Long-sleeve dresses, waterproof eyeliner, and 31 other favorite products from our recent posts.

    1. A set of mesh laundry bags so your delicates don't get ruined in the wash.

    2. A chunky knit that's perfect for sweater weather and makes you feel cuddly just looking at it.

    3. A bra strap holder to solve what is truly one of the most annoying problems EVER β€” slipping bra straps.

    4. A bottle of acid-free grout cleaner that'll have your tiles sparkling clean in no time.

    5. A pack of yummy-smelling sheet masks perfect for an at-home spa day.

    6. A pashmina shawl that'll feel oh-so luxurious when draped over your shoulder on a crisp fall day.

    7. A pair of super comfortable stacked-heel booties to complete all your fall outfits.

    8. A waterproof two-in-one eyeliner (one end is liquid and the other end is pencil) that's easy to apply and stays on ALL DAY.

    9. A foldable travel toothbrush perfect for the gym, camping, or trips.

    10. A best-selling book that'll help smokers who want to quit say goodbye to cigarettes once and for all.

    11. A pair of fleece-lined leggings to keep you warm on chilly days (when pants just don't sound like an appealing option).

    12. A mold and mildew stain cleaner that's so powerful, you don't even need to scrub for it to work.

    13. A pack of glow-in-the-dark pebbles for lighting up your fairy garden (or actual garden).

    14. A velvet lingerie set that not only looks fancy AF but also feels amazing when you're wearing it.

    15. A journal that encourages you to destroy it with wacky prompts (such as spilling coffee and poking holes in the pages).

    16. A slouchy top with pretty details like a patchwork pocket and thumb openings that'll attract a ton of compliments.

    17. A canister of drinking chocolate, because nothing cures cold-weather blues like a rich and frothy beverage in your fave mug.

    18. A pair of wedge-heel booties that are stylish AND easy to walk in. (Yes, shoe-unicorns do exist.)

    19. A quilted herringbone puffer vest to layer over everything once temperatures start dipping.

    20. A sleeping mask that'll transform dry, cracked lips into a soft, supple pout overnight.

    21. A multi-use funnel so you can use up every last drop of any liquid household product. The two clips grab onto bottles for easy, hands-free transfer.

    22. A pleated T-shirt dress that's the prettiest way to wear florals this season.

    23. An oversized plaid shawl/scarf you'll want to wrap yourself in every day because it's just that cozy. Bonus: it's big enough to be used as a blanket!

    24. An eco-friendly shower cleaner that'll clean and prevent soap scum and stains due to hard water, mold, and mildew, so you won't have to scrub as often.

    25. A long-sleeve T-shirt dress you'll wear now and all through fall. It's the perfect layering piece!

    26. A toilet bowl cleaner to keep your porcelain throne fresh and ring-free.

    27. A sheet of Halloween nail decals that'll get you into a spooky mood (and trick people into thinking you're a nail art pro).

    28. A weirdly cute and squishy penis figurine appropriately named "Dingding."

    29. A pack of pore strips that'll suck out all the gunk on top of your nose (with very satisfying results). Goodbye blackheads!

    30. A pair of woven boot cuffs to keep your legs warm and fill in any gaps around the top (so the wind doesn't get through and the boots don't flop around or dig into your calves).

    31. A comfy and versatile swing dress (with pockets!!) you'll want to collect in multiple colors.

    32. A pair of suspender fishnet tights that have the same effect as a garter belt and thigh-high stockings but are much easier to put on.

    33. A golf game designed to be played while you're on the John β€” infinitely more entertaining than an old magazine.

    Me, after scooping up everything on this post: