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    20 Products From Uncommon Goods That Must Have Been Designed By Geniuses

    "Why didn't I think of this?" — you, after seeing these clever products.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A world map coloring tablecloth that'll keep the kiddos entertained before, during, and after dinner. When you're done, just throw it in the washer, and it'll restore the blank canvas for another coloring sesh.

    Kids coloring the tablecloth with markers
    Uncommon Goods

    It comes with 10 washable markers.

    Promising review: "We loved it — haven't washed it yet, but so far it's been great fun. Learned some geography, sure, but mostly it's an activity for us to do with our kids at mealtime. We finish eating and we all STAY at the table and chat and color. It's awesome!" —KTMAY

    Price: $30

    2. Long-distance touch bracelets to make time spent away from your loved one a little more bearable. Touch one and the other lights up and vibrates, so they know when you're thinking of them and vice versa.

    A person wearing the long-distance touch bracelet while using the Bond app
    Uncommon Goods

    Download the app that connects the bracelets, and tap your bracelet to send a message to your loved one. Theirs will light up and vibrate, so they'll know you're thinking about them. You can send up to 10 taps in one message. Plus, these bands are waterproof, so you can even wear them while swimming or in the shower.

    Promising review: "My boyfriend and I aren't in an LDR, but we both suffer from anxiety and let me tell you, these bracelets were practically made for our relationship! I get very busy, I don't really use my phone so I don't text a lot. The bracelets really help in those moments when I don't want to text, or when I really need his hugs and support. It's the closest thing I have to feeling his touch." —KittyKen

    Price: $98 (available in four additional band colors)

    3. A vertical chess game so you don't have to sit down for a match. You and the roomie can take turns in passing, whenever you have time. Plus, it doubles as a cool piece of wall art.

    The vertical chess set mounted on the wall
    Uncommon Goods

    Promising review: "My son makes a move then the next person through his room moves — thanks to the piece that marks when you stop this game can be played for months and NEVER GET KNOCKED OVER! Love it!" —Mhickerson

    Price: $95

    4. An automatic pan-stirrer for those annoying recipes that call for continuous stirring. Now you can take a break and let this lil' gadget do all the work for you.

    The automatic stirrer placed in a frying pan

    It has a built-in timer and runs on four AA batteries.

    Promising review: "Honestly I laughed at myself for buying this. I stopped laughing the first time I used it! What a help! It freed me up to do other things while it stirred the sauce that needed constant attention. Bought another one! Not laughing now!" —Luvdvm

    Price: $25

    5. A pair of runner's light gloves that'll help you stay visible to drivers on early morning and evening jogs.

    A runner wearing the gloves, which are glowing brightly
    Uncommon Goods

    Promising review: "I run for an hour before the family wakes up. This time of year that means it's dark. These gloves are awesome and plenty bright! I can shine one towards my feet and one at oncoming cars. I feel just as safe as when I'm running in daylight." —KAREN PREDAWN RUNNER

    Price: $45 (available in two sizes and a fleece-version for colder days)

    6. A dog-bathing glove (adorably named Aquapaw) to make bath time a little less stressful for both you and your doggo. You can use it with just one hand, which the leaves the other one free to pet your canine friend.

    Uncommon Goods

    It comes with both garden hose and shower adapters are included for indoor or outdoor use.

    Promising review: "Just love it. Where was this product years ago! Used to be when giving our dogs a bath using a handheld shower, I got more overspray on me than directly on the dog. This product gives me 100% control over direction of water and stopping the water to lather up, is immediate start and stop with one quick click. Highly recommend this as it makes giving them a bath a joyful experience instead of stress." —RITA

    Price: $25

    7. A set of kabob grilling baskets so you never have to deal with skewers again.

    Cut veggies nestled neatly inside the baskets, which have a wooden handle for turning
    Uncommon Goods

    Promising review: "These kabob grill baskets make grilling kabobs easier than ever. With normal skewers, the veggies would spin on the skewer as it gets turned. Now, everything stays in place and all of the pieces get grilled evenly." —BRITNEY

    Price: four for $17

    8. Blooming lollipops perfect for gardeners with a sweet tooth. You can plant the sticks after finishing the candy!

    The six lollipops displayed next to the herbs or flowers they'll grow into

    Includes one each of:

    - Sage and marshmallow (grow sage)

    - Lavender and lemongrass (grow lavender)

    - Peach and marigold (grow marigold)

    - Strawberry and basil (grow basil)

    - Champagne and roses (grow rosetta cosmo)

    - Rosemary and mint (grow mint)

    - Lemon and thyme (grow thyme)

    - Vanilla and hibiscus (grow baby blue eyes)

    Promising review: "The lollipops have very creative flavor combinations. I just planted the sticks/seeds and am looking forward to watching them grow." —Diane

    Price: eight for $20

    9. An insulated water bottle with a cap that doubles as a Bluetooth speaker (!!!) so you don't have to pack yet another thing in your beach bag. Plus, it'll keep your water cold for hours and hours.

    A person playing music with the speaker bottle, which is connected to their phone
    Uncommon Goods

    It charges via a USB cable.

    Promising review: "I take my speaker everywhere. The sound is awesome. It is loud enough to even leave it in another room. It paired very easily with my iPhone 11. I hid it in a bowl of fruit for ambient sounds at the table. I even sleep with it in my bed playing white noise." —MEMAW

    Price: $35 (available in two colors)

    10. A cute shower squid to hold all your shower time essentials and prevent them from cluttering up the tub rim.

    The squid-shaped organizer in blue and green, featuring little loops at the end of each arm to hold items
    Uncommon Goods

    Promising review: "Not only keeps the bottles from falling, but allows both hands to squeeze the product out. Great for any age." —LOVE PRACTICAL GIFTS

    Price: $33

    11. A hanging cocktail bar so you can have your very own mixing station no matter how tiny your apartment is.

    The wall-mounted fold-down shelf loaded with alcohol bottles and glasses
    Uncommon Goods

    Promising review: "My new apartment is kind of small in the kitchen area, and I didn't want to just have wine and whiskey atop the fridge. This little hanging bar is perfect — it's quality construction, so I trust I'm not going to come home to liquor and glass all over the floor, and is very cute on the wall." —LAUR

    Price: $118

    12. A dual-compartment stoneware bowl for keeping your chips and dip separate. Plus, it's easy to hold with one hand so you can easily transport it from kitchen to couch without worry about spills.

    A person using the bowl for chips and salsa
    Uncommon Goods

    It's also microwave-, dishwasher-, and oven-safe.

    Promising review: "I use this item for fruits and yogurt dip or chips and salsa. My friends and family were intrigued by mine so I purchased some for their enjoyment. A little heavy for children to use but perfect for adults. Salsa can be difficult to scoop up on a flat plate and using a separate bowl and a plate is cumbersome, so this special bowl makes it much easier to handle both, especially when using with fruit and dip. I gift them with a bag of fave chips and a jar of specialty salsa." —YOLIBLUE

    Price: $28

    13. A spreading knife for carving cold, hard butter into soft ribbons that'll glide over your toast. So. Satisfying.

    Uncommon Goods

    It's made of dishwasher-safe stainless steel.

    Promising review: "This knife is great. I bought one as a gift and one for our home. It DOES make spreading butter much easier. I may make this my go-to hostess gift in the future." —TEX MOM

    Price: $20

    14. A magnetic light you'll want to switch on and off and on and off....


    Promising review: "I loved this. It is bright enough for a reading light or to work at your desk in a home office at the end of the day." —Stephanie

    Price: $70 (available in two colors).

    15. A ceramic self-draining soap dish so mushy soap bars will become a thing of the past.

    The dish, featuring a slanted surface to drain water
    Uncommon Goods

    Promising review: "I was using a washcloth to keep soap dry; then a plastic soap dish, then soapstone dish with drainer all-in-one, which was heavy, difficult to clean. All tacky looking or cumbersome and still required a bit of cleanup. This beautiful soap holder is lovely to look at and utilitarian; sends the soap residue down the drain." —STEPH

    Price: $24

    16. A 5-in-1 tool pen to carry in your pocket at all times, because you never know when you might need a screwdriver, a touch stylus for smart devices, a bubble level, or a ruler.

    The pen with a clip on the side
    Uncommon Goods

    Promising review: "This is a handy, all-around useful tool at the office and at home." —CO SHOPPER

    Price: $25

    17. An aluminum bracelet for an attractive way to stop hair ties from cutting off your circulation.

    A model wearing the bracelets stacked together
    Uncommon Goods

    Promising review: "Always hated having hair bands on my wrist when going to out. This bracelet solves my problem! I purchased in both silver and gold. Wore them together with two hair bands. Both look great!" —JT

    Price: $45 (available in two finishes)

    18. A set of refillable magnetic gel pens you can rearrange into various shapes, including a pen holder.

    Uncommon Goods

    Price: 20 for $40

    19. A time-marked motivational bottle to encourage you to drink water according to the schedule and hit that daily intake goal.

    The glass bottle, featuring cute graphics and inspirational messages
    Uncommon Goods

    Promising review: "I never drink enough water. Seeing the time reminder works so well! I've finally found a solution that works." —STELLA

    Price: $15

    20. An automatic handbag light so you can quickly find what you need in a seemingly bottomless tote with zero rummaging.

    The round light in a purse, approximately the size of a makeup compact
    Uncommon Goods

    Two AAA batteries are included and installed so your light will be ready to go! Batteries will last approximately 6,000 cycles (turning on and then turning off).

    Promising review: "This item is a lifesaver. I carry a suitcase for a purse and it is almost always impossible to find anything in it. Not anymore. Easiest purchase and use. Open the box, throw the light in your purse. The light does the rest." —YANKEEGIRL

    Price: $29.95

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