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    22 Products For Anyone Who's Absolutely Not A Morning Person

    Mornings should really be postponed to the afternoon, IMO.

    1. A full-coverage concealer with a precise applicator that'll cover up any dark circles. Yes, you need more z's but no one will be able to tell!

    2. A cold brew maker so you know delicious coffee is waiting for you in the fridge.

    3. A three-minute journal to get you thinking and in a positive mood first thing in the morning.

    4. A breakfast sandwich maker because everything's easier when there's food as a reward.

    5. A microfiber towel that can help cut down drying time so you'll be ready and out the door faster.

    6. A vibrating alarm clock so loud, you might even wake up early just to avoid it.

    7. An insulated tumbler (with a lid) to fill with ice water and keep on your nightstand. Take a sip when you first wake up and you'll immediately feel more alert.

    8. A set of clothing dividers for planning out your outfits a week in advance. No more rushed decisions in the a.m.!

    9. A nourishing eye cream formulated with caffeine that might help you look a bit more awake.

    10. A pair of fuzzy slippers so your bare feet won't have to touch the cold floors.

    11. A light therapy lamp to help you feel more energized on those dark winter mornings when you just can't seem to get out of bed.

    12. A bottle of dry shampoo for days when you choose an extra half hour of sleep over showering.

    13. An electric toothbrush with a pressure sensor that'll do all the brushing for you. All you have to do is move your arm a little.

    14. A small but mighty space heater so you're not tempted to stay under the covers all day because your apartment is freezing.

    15. A multipurpose soap to streamline your shower routine so you don't have to switch between several products. (Heck, I've accidentally used shampoo as body wash many times when I was half asleep.)

    16. A silk pillowcase for waking up with perfectly smooth hair. Goodbye, bed head!

    17. An alarm that simulates the sunrise to make getting up a slightly more pleasant experience.

    18. A programmable coffee maker so you can wake up to the smell of freshly made joe.

    19. A bag of Death Wish coffee (aka "the world's strongest coffee") if regular java is starting to lose its effect on you.

    20. A personal blender with travel cups you can take directly to go because you probably won't have time for sit-down breakfast.

    21. A waterproof Bluetooth speaker that'll motivate you to jump into the shower so you can listen to your favorite music/podcast.

    22. A helpful checklist doormat so you don't forget your keys, phone, and wallet when you're in rush.


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