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    27 Kitchen Products You Need To Just Grow Up And Buy

    You've probably realized somewhere along the path of adulthood that nourishing yourself without spending a fortune involves cooking. A lot. Sometimes recipes call for a variety of kitchen tools — not just the single saucepan that you've used since college for everything. (Well, mostly ramen noodles). Tools like a fish spatula, a whisk, a cast iron skillet, or even a hand blender. Prepare yourself, my friend — you're in it for the long run.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A set of stainless-steel measuring cups and spoons because guesstimating ingredients is proven as one of the leading causes of Pinterest cooking fails.

    2. A nesting bowl and colander set for rinsing produce and draining pasta — two things that you might have ignored in college but should absolutely start doing now.

    3. A slotted fish turner that can be used for more than just flipping filets — it'll get under anything (burger patties, warm cookies, fried eggs, etc.).

    4. A garlic press to do the mincing for you so your hands don't smell like those pungent little cloves for days.

    5. A set of glass mixing bowls (with lids for storage) to make food prep less messy and more organized. They're actually attractive enough to serve food in as well!

    6. An immersion hand blender to take care of all your blending and food processing needs, if you don't want to shell out for a full-size blender or food processor. Plus, you can use it directly in the pot!

    7. An ergonomic pepper mill for switching from pre-ground pepper in a can to fresh-ground pepper to easily move up in life.

    8. A versatile cast-iron skillet that can go from the stovetop into the oven or onto a grill. You can cook anything from Shakshouka to quiches to cornbread in it.

    9. An electric knife sharpener because dull knives will make your life unnecessarily difficult no more!

    10. A pair of tongs that can do what your fingers can't, like grab corn out of boiling water or pull a baking dish from the oven.

    11. A spoonula (spatula+spoon) for scraping batter off mixing bowls, sauteing veggies, tasting soup, and scooping food onto plates.

    12. A nonstick baking dish so you can give mom's lasagna recipe a go. It'll also come in handy when you have a company bake sale — brownies, anyone?

    13. An instant-read meat thermometer because soon it'll be your turn to host Thanksgiving dinner, and you'll want to make sure the turkey is cooked through!

    14. A really freakin' fantastic starter chef's knife that won't cost you a fortune but will perform like any of the higher-end brands.

    15. A handheld grater for adding a sprinkle of cheese, zest, or chocolate to your dinner or dessert — not only will the dish taste better, but you'll feel incredibly fancy.

    16. A whisk you should get even if you don't do much baking — you'll need it for vinaigrettes, sauces, and pancakes, too! It'll be a lot easier than using a fork.

    17. An electric kettle because even though younger you took everything iced, older you might occasionally feel like a cup of hot tea.

    18. An a-peel-ling set of peelers (Julienne, swivel, and serrated) that'll make it easier to introduce more cucumbers, zucchinis, potatoes, and carrots into your diet.

    19. A set of mesh strainers for basic tasks like sifting flour, separating juice from pulp, draining berries, and fishing peas out of a pot!

    20. A meat pounder because you should never have to settle for dry and tough chicken. Use this handy tool to flatten and tenderize the meat — it'll come out evenly cooked and juicy!

    21. A nonstick baking sheet so you can abandon takeout and store-bought snacks and whip up cookies, nachos, and one-tray dinners at home.

    22. A splurge-worthy solid wood cutting board that'll last you a lot longer than a plastic or bamboo one (if you remember to oil and condition it). It'll also be easier on your knives!

    23. A Dutch oven for cooking large batches of pasta, chili, or soup to eat over the entire week. You can also use it to try your hand at deep frying, roasting, or bread making!

    24. A digital food scale to pull out when you need to be extra accurate with coffee or baking ingredients.

    25. A soft grip can opener because you've matured and learned that opening a can with a knife should never be attempted, even when sober.

    26. A good pair of kitchen shears if the regular scissors you've been using just don't cut it anymore. These'll tear through chicken, slice pizza, and dice herbs faster than a knife!

    27. A versatile nonstick frying pan for cooking everything that might stick in your cast iron skillet, like an omelet or grilled cheese.

    You'll be a seasoned chef in no time!

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