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    40 Host Gifts That'll Help Make You The Number One Guest

    A bottle of wine is always reliable but these gifts will probably make you their favorite person.

    1. A Hand of the King bottle opener for the GoT fan who drinks and knows things (and invites you over to drink with them).

    Reviewer holding opener in hand

    2. A bottle of Mike's Hot Honey they'll instantly get hooked on (so feel free to bring two).

    Model applying honey to pizza

    3. A marble crock that'll not only keep the wine cool but will also look attractive on any table. Bonus: it can also be an elegant utensil holder for the non-wine drinker.

    Bottle of wine in marble crock on table

    4. A literary cocktail book so they're never out of clever drink ideas, from Romeo and Julep to The Pitcher of Dorian Grey Goose.

    Front cover of book

    5. A small but mighty knife sharpener, because if your host is preparing a meal for everyone, the least you could do is make sure they have sharp, fast knives!

    Model sharpening knife with sharpener

    6. A copy of Magnolia Table (by interior design whiz Joanna Gaines) to give them plenty of tasty ideas for the next dinner party.

    7. A luxe throw blanket that'll look great draped over their couch. And because they could always use an extra blanket for overnight guests.

    Blanket on chair

    8. A bathroom guest book so visitors can leave funny messages for the host to peruse later.

    Guestbook on toilet

    9. A beautiful bohemian print candle gift set so they can set the mood for the dinner party or enjoy the sweet smelling aromas as they wind down from the festivities. Each set comes with a spring, lavender, lemon, and fig candle made from soy wax and plant extracts.

    Four candles, box, and a card on table

    10. Or, a candle with location-based scents to remind them of their hometown. Bonus: it'll get people talking about their own hometowns.

    Candle on table next to lemons

    11. A mini cacao coffee scrub that's almost as great as their morning cup of Joe. This baby is packed with antioxidants, smells like sweet chocolate, anddddd leaves your skin smooth and silky — hmm, you might just want to save this for yourself...

     Model holding coffee scrub

    12. Or! A bath bomb steamer set so they can get a well-deserved super relaxing soak that fills the room with a pleasant scent.

    Reviewer set of six bath bombs in box on table

    13. A set of diamond pens they can use to jot down details for the next ~glamorous~ get-together.

    Three diamond pens next to notebook

    14. A whiskey decanter and glass set hand crafted to give off an amazing diamond-like shine for years. They can officially do away with the red cups, plus it's dishwasher-safe and sturdy enough to withstand a couple of drops.

    15. A sturdy cheese slicer, because slicing cheese for a party of 10+ is tiring as heck.

    Cheese slicer with cheese on top

    16. An infusion pitcher so they'll always have a refreshing fruit-flavored drink in the fridge ready for guests.

    Pitcher on table with raspberries inside

    17. Jenga, truly a party favorite that everyone can enjoy and can even be played solo. This classic wooden block stacking game will keep them laser focused and grinning from ear to ear with each move. The set comes with 54 blocks, simple instructions, and a convenient box so they'll never lose any pieces.

    18. A set of woven cotton coasters that'll actually absorb condensation and protect their expensive wood table from watermarks. They'll also double as pot holders and trivets.

    Coasters in use on table

    19. An Instax camera for a great way to document each party — everyone can take home photos as a keepsake (and the rest the host can keep and make into an album).

    Camera on white background next to glasses and various items

    20. A ~bouquet~ of wine charms so each guest can pick their own flower and no one will accidentally drink someone else's merlot. Unlike a real bouquet, it'll last forever.

    21. Uno splash cards made from plastic so their cards remain ~unbowed, unbent, and unbroken.~ If they get a little dirty, they can just wash the waterproof cards off! The laminate even has a built in hole so they can hook them to the included clip! Presenting their next problem to solve: whether or not stacking +4 cards is cheating.

    22. A set of metallic cocktail spoons that'll make a perfect addition to their bar cart.

    Spoons on plate next to bottle

    23. Replace with silicone popcorn maker ---- A silicone popcorn maker to take their movie nights to the next level. They can abandon store-bought packets and enjoy fresh, movie theater–quality popcorn (with little to no oil needed).

    Model taking popcorn from colonel popper bowl

    24. A box of literary-themed postcards so they can stay in touch with long-distance friends who couldn't make it to the party.

    Book on marble table next to pencil and paper

    25. A modern brass-finish photo frame they'll be glad to display on the mantel or console table.

    Photo frames on table next to books

    26. LED light saber chopsticks so they can show off their most impressive Jedi food tricks, like making an entire sushi roll disappear in under 60 seconds.

    Reviewer eating with chopsticks

    27. A quirky dish towel for the host who is a great cook and has a sassy sense of humor. (They're probably also your best friend.)

    28. A bamboo cutting board with interchangeable, color-coded cutting mats so food prep will be a breeze.

    Bamboo board on table with food on top

    29. A murder mystery game guaranteed to yield a night of fun. It includes instructions, recipes, character profiles, costume ideas, and more.

    30. A pack of wine markers for labeling anything from glasses to cheese plates.

    31. A card deck with though provoking questions to inspire some fun talks during their Zoom parties. Some of the conversation starters include "What do you worry about most?" and "Where do you feel most comfortable in the world?" Reviewers say it's an easy way to make difficult conversations meaningful and enjoyable.

    Reviewer cards laid on tabler

    32. A Bluetooth speaker so they can move the background music from room to room without worrying about wires.

    Bluetooth speaker on ground

    33. A pour-over coffee maker even the pickiest caffeine lover can appreciate.

    Coffee maker and cup of coffee on table

    34. A set of whiskey cubes that'll chill their liquor without diluting it.

    Whiskey cubes and tongs on white background

    35. A box of conversation topic cards to help strangers break the ice and old friends learn new things about each other.

    Box and cards on white background

    36. A chicken herb infuser for the jokester that can also whip up a delicious stew or soup. This is made from food-safe silicone and can be used in temperatures up to 450 degrees!

    37. A pair of shredder claws so they can shred meat faster than Wolverine shreds villains. These claws are dishwasher-safe, melt proof (up to 450 degrees), and BPA-free.

    Reviewer using meat claws to shred chicken

    38. A cast iron skillet that'll come in handy for both brunch and dinner.

    Cast iron skillet with eggs and tomatoes inside on table

    39. A colorful knife set that's so pretty, it basically doubles as decor. This will brighten their kitchen *and* their meal prepping process.

    40. A hilariously absurd cat-and-unicorn kitchen apron – it may get more compliments than their food.

    Reviewer wearing apron

    When they open your very thoughtful gift:

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