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    Jet Is Carrying Asian Snacks From H Mart And I'm Jumping For Joy

    Kimchi, Pocky sticks, veggie dumplings, Indomie noodles, and other tasty treats await!

    Hello friends of the internet! I have exciting (and delicious) news for you — H Mart, a massive Asian supermarket chain, just launched on Jet! You can now order your favorite Asian snacks, ingredients, drinks, and instant noodles online! Can I get a r(amen)?!

    Here are just *some* of the tasty things you can order right now:

    1. Biscuit-covered chocolate balls that taste exactly how you would expect them to — super delish! Warning: you'll finish the whole packet in approximately one minute.

    2. A jar of citron honey tea so good, you'll think it's made of unicorn tears.

    3. A pack of Indomie Mi Goreng instant fried noodles for anyone who loves a bit of spice. This stuff is SO addicting!

    4. Smoked Vienna sausages that are just bursting with flavor — they might make you abandon dry breakfast sausages forever.

    5. A pack of shrimp chips as an awesome alternative to regular ol' potato chips.

    6. Spring roll skins so you can try your hand at making the popular Vietnamese appetizer at home.

    7. Vegetable dumplings you can roast, boil, or fry — all methods will yield delicious results.

    8. Ramune carbonated soft drinks (with a lemon-lime flavor) that'll be oh-so refreshing on a hot day.

    9. A box of sesame and coconut crackers to be the perfect afternoon snack. They're super crispy and not overly sweet.

    10. A pack of fresh rice noodles, if you're tired of ordering pho from takeout spots — now you can make it in your own kitchen!

    11. A large tub of kimchi you should keep on in the fridge at all times because there's no such thing as too much kimchi!

    12. Organic barley tea you can serve hot or iced. It's naturally caffeine-free, sugar-free, and super refreshing.

    13. Matcha Pocky — it combines two of your favorite things into one sweet snack.

    14. An individually-packaged Japanese-style cheesecake so light, it'll literally melt in your mouth.

    15. A pack of Prima Taste Singapore Curry La Mian instant noodles that taste like they're made from scratch.

    16. A box of Choco Pie — a classic dessert snack consisting of chocolate-covered cake and a marshmallow filling. Need I say more?!

    17. A pack of peeled and roasted chestnuts because these shouldn't only be enjoyed around the holidays.

    18. A pack of beef-flavor instant ramen you'll wish you'd discovered in college. It's even better when you add a slice of cheese on top.

    19. A container of gochujang (aka red chili paste) that's not your average hot sauce — it's sweet, savory, and spicy. Plus, it's an important ingredient in many Korean dishes!

    20. Ready-made spicy mushroom beef soup you can prepare in literally five minutes. Your dinner guests will be extremely impressed with your "cooking" skills.

    21. Frozen shelled edamame for a protein-rich snack or salad topping.

    22. A box of curry sauce mix bars that'll make super authentic Japanese-style curry. Just add in fresh ingredients of your choice.

    23. Dried tapioca pearls because your boba habit is getting expensive. These are just like the ones in bubble tea shops!

    Check out the entire selection of H Mart items on Jet!

    Watch me eat my body weight in noodles!

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