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    35 Gifts For People Who Spend Most Of Their Time In Their Car

    Make some ~vroom~ for all this awesome stuff.

    1. A cute piggy container to keep snacks fresh and within reach.

    reviewer photo of pig container in car holding snack

    2. A cordless vacuum with a crevice tool for hard to reach areas, so the inside of their car can truly be 100% crumb free.

    person using vacuum to clean out crevices near car door

    3. A can of wheel paint for sprucing up their rims so they look fresh and new.

    4. A Chewbacca seat belt cover so they can pretend to actually be driving the Millenium Falcon instead of their Prius...

    seat belt in car with chewbacca seat belt cover

    5. A seat gap filler to prevent food and phones from dropping into the unreachable abyss. (The horror.)

    seat gap filler in between front seats

    6. A character-themed steering wheel cover so they can have a better grip on the wheel and also have it be themed to their favorite fandom. (Yes, there's even a Captain America one.)

    7. Or this diamond bedazzled steering wheel cover for anyone who needs a little bit of ~glam~ in their vehicle.

    reviewer photo of bling steering wheel cover

    8. A waterproof seat cover so they can take their four-legged friend for a ride and not worry about getting fur all over the place.

    golden retriever sitting on black carseat cover

    9. A rhinestone decal to decorate their button ignitions or car knobs.

    bedazzled start stop engine border

    10. A portable humidifier that'll keep any unwanted stenches at bay in your car. Sweaty kids? Traveling with pets? This humidifier will help them circulate some fresh aromas.

    11. A magnetic car phone mount to keep their phone propped up for optimal GPS viewing. No more getting lost (or losing their phone for that matter).

    small black circle phone mount clipped to car vent

    12. A bottle of leather cleaner for someone whose worst nightmare is getting their pristine leather seats dirty.

    13. A hanging storage station that's a trash bag, tissue holder, and bottle/wipes/umbrella holder all in one!

    seat caddy holding drink and tissues

    14. A car seat organizer so their passengers no matter the age, will have a hub to store drinks, snacks, or even a tablet for watching movies on car rides.

    15. A clip-on Bluetooth speakerphone, so they can answer and ignore calls hands-free. The calls will also sound much louder and clearer than just using the phone speaker.

    the Bluetooth speakerphone

    16. A pair of polarized sunglasses, because sun glare is not something to be messed with. It'll also block out harmful UV rays!

    pair or polarized sunglasses

    17. A sticky dash mat to hold their phone and small accessories in place and make their daily commute a little less chaotic.

    the sticky dash mat inside a car

    18. A keychain for Harry Potter fans who understand that car keys can be as elusive as the golden Snitch, especially in the morning.

    golden snitch keychain

    19. A plug-in cooler/warmer ideal for road trips and family vacations.

    the blue cooler in a car trunk

    20. A portable jump starter that'll prevent them from getting stranded on the road when the car battery dies. It can also be used to charge personal devices, such as a phone or tablet. Truly a life saver!

    the red portable jump starter

    21. A set of travel utensils to keep in the glove compartment, in case they want to eat something other than fast food while on the road.

    set of travel utensils in blue

    22. A gel and memory foam seat cushion that they can use interchangeably in their car AND in their home office. This is a must-have if they spend a TON of time in the car.

    23. A set of bamboo charcoal air purifier bags because no smell is the best smell in the car.

    bamboo charcoal purifying bags on floor of reviewer's car

    24. A box of engaging conversation topics to keep the everyone entertained on the road.

    set of conversation topic cards

    25. A memory foam steering wheel cover that ~auto~ give their tired hands some relief.

    blue memory foam steering wheel cover on car wheel

    26. A glove box organizer for keeping every car-related document neat and organized.

    glove box organizer with documents

    27. A Spotify gift card so they can jam out to classics like "Bohemian Rhapsody."

    28. A glass cleaner to restore windshields and windows to a sparkling clear state.

    person using tool to clean their driver's side window

    29. A pack of travel Bingo for the kids to play, so they'll stop asking, "Are we there yet?"

    bingo game boards

    30. A pet booster seat so their furry friend can ride shotgun and get a sweet view.

    pug sitting in car seat

    31. A windshield wiper blade (pick up two if they need an entire new set) so they can actually SEE through their windshield when it starts to downpour.

    reviewer image showing how clear blades wipe windshield

    32. A car waxer/polisher for the person who treats their ride like it's their best friend. (After this gift, you'll be promoted to BFF status.)

    person buffing hood of car

    33. A set of LED lights to add some *mood lighting* to their car for added visibility and a touch of color. 🌈 These also have a sound action function where they can sync up to their music!

    34. An adorable hanging diffuser that'll make their vehicle smell like a spa on the road. Anyone riding with them will say, "oh wow, it smells so good in here" every time.

    hand holds small glass container with rope around the rear view mirror

    35. A keychain car escape tool to always keep on hand for drives: it can cut through seat belts and break car windows.

    They'll never ~tire~ of these gifts!