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    This Is Not A Drill: Dyson Motorhead Vacuums Are On Sale For $250 Right Now

    They're normally $400 or more — it would ~suck~ if you missed out on this deal!

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    Hello people of the Internet, have you been thinking about splurging on a Dyson vacuum but were like, "I'd love one of these, but gosh darn, $400 is just way too much for a household appliance?"


    Do not fret! Because right now, you can get a Dyson V7 Motorhead vacuum for only $249 on Walmart!!! They're normally $399.99 at full price.


    This deal only runs until 9/15!

    I recently picked one of these up myself to see what all the hype was about and lemme tell you: it's freakin' AMAZING, especially if you have a smaller home.

    Yi Yang / BuzzFeed

    Just a couple of years ago I would have scoffed at the idea of buying a "designer" vacuum — but having recently seen the genuine difference a good vacuum can make, I decided to make the splurge.

    I upgraded from one of those small corded handheld vacuums that cost less than $40, which I absolutely hated — I had to crouch down to get into the nooks and crannies, and I never felt like I was doing a thorough job.


    I had heard good things about Dyson vacuums and read some stellar reviews online, so I went to test them out in store. I was initially a little bit skeptical about a cordless vacuum, since there's a cap on the running time. I ran the V7 Motorhead over a dirty carpet in the store, and it cleaned it very effectively. I also tested a few more expensive models like the V8 and V10 (which were both more powerful and had longer running times, and btw, are ALSO ON SALE), as well as cheaper models by other brands and ultimately decided that the V7 Motorhead would be the best option for my budget and space.

    The V7 has all the attachments I needed, including a crevice tool for sucking up hairs and a combo tool for furniture and upholstery.

    Yi Yang / BuzzFeed

    It only runs for 30 minutes at a time, but I never really vacuum for that long anyway since my apartment is so small. Dyson also offers a pretty comprehensive warranty and solid customer support service (you can even get free preventative maintenance checks at a Dyson Service Center), so I felt confident about my purchase.

    Once I brought it home, I mounted the charging/docking station to a wall, which ended up saving me lots of space.

    Yi Yang / BuzzFeed

    I found it to be more than powerful enough for my hardwood floors, and it even ran smoothly over a thick and shaggy rug in my living area. Because I didn't have to crouch down anymore, I became more motivated to vacuum up hairs and dustbunnies from under the desk and around the sink. The vacuum itself isn't too loud and actually makes the chore feel a little less tedious.

    My floors have never been so clean, and now I actually (semi-)enjoy vacuuming. For me, it was 100% worth the investment!


    Get a Dyson V7 Motorhead from Walmart for $249 (originally $399.99).

    Or if this isn't the vacuum for you, there are many other models on sale as well:

    A Dyson V8 Absolute cordless stick vacuum for $395.99 (originally $599).


    This one is very similar to the V7 Motorhead, but it has a more powerful motor and can run up to 40 minutes instead of 30. It also comes with an additional mini motorized tool for perfect for picking up pet hairs, a soft roller cleaner head for cleaning hard floors/non-carpeted surfaces, a soft dusting brush, and a post-motor HEPA filter.

    The Dyson V8 Animal is also on sale for $350 (originally $499). It's basically the same as the V8 Absolute, but just without the soft roller cleaner head.

    A Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal vacuum for $449 (originally $599).


    This is the most advanced and powerful model of the Dyson V-series vacuums. It has a bigger bin, a full-hour running time, and the torque drive cleaner head removes 25% more dust from carpets than the Dyson V8 Animal.

    Also on sale is the Dyson Cyclone V10 Motorhead for $449 (originally $499.99), and the Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute for $579 (originally $699.99). The only difference between these models are the tools included.

    A Dyson Ball Animal 2 vacuum for $390.16 (originally $499).


    This corded vacuum is for people who are looking for more powerful suction than the cordless models. It automatically adjusts between carpets and hard floors and comes with a wand/long hose for hard-to-reach places. The HEPA filtration ensures that allergens and bacteria are trapped inside the machine, and not expelled back into the home. Finally, it comes with a Tangle-free Turbine tool, which removes hair from carpets and upholstery without tangling.

    If you like this model but want something cheaper, the Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2 vacuum is a good choice for $299 (originally $399). It's basically the same as the Dyson Ball Animal 2 but without the Tangle-free Turbine tool.

    A Dyson Small Ball Multi-Floor upright vacuum for $278 (originally $399).


    This is a smaller, more lightweight corded upright model that can be carried easily up and down stairs. It takes up about half the amount of space as a full-size vacuum.

    A Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal+Allergy bagless upright vacuum for $499 (originally $699.99).


    This is the only Dyson model that has no filters to wash or replace, making it maintenance-free. It comes with all the tools that the Ball Animal 2 comes with and more, including a multi-angle brush (for high-reach cleaning, like the top of a shelf or door), a mattress tool, a reach under tool (for hard-to-reach crevices), a carbon fiber soft dusting brush, and a tool bag to keep everything organized.

    Happy vacuuming!

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