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    24 Cleaning Products Under $10 We Think You Won't Regret Purchasing

    Get your place sparkling before the holiday season.

    1. A disposable cleaning wand that'll restore the grossest of toilets to its original state.

    2. Or, a pumice stone for giving the ol' porcelain throne a deep cleaning sesh.

    3. A pack of descaling tablets to wash away mineral deposits in your dishwasher and keep it running efficiently.

    4. A drain snake so you can unclog the sink without calling the plumber.

    5. A garbage disposal cleaner that'll blast away odor-causing particles stuck in the pipes. Bonus: it has a fresh lemon scent.

    6. A bottle of soft cleanser for tackling anything from rusty knives to grease-marked pans to stained porcelain sinks.

    7. A 4-in-1 cleaning brush to sweep away the water and dirt marks on your precious suede and nubuck shoes.

    8. A stain remover so you can drink wine on the couch without worrying about ruining the upholstery (or the throw blanket that you're cuddling in).

    9. A bottle of fume-free spray that'll destroy all evidence of the fact that you haven't cleaned the oven since you first moved in.

    10. A pair of deep clean brushes far more durable than old toothbrushes when it comes to scrubbing tile grout.

    11. A leather spray to clean and condition an old armchair that's starting to look a little worse for wear.

    12. An "Angry Mama" microwave cleaner so the splatters inside can wipe right off with a paper towel.

    13. A handheld duster that'll actually pick up dirt instead of just spreading it around. Plus, the microfiber head can be removed and tossed in the laundry when you're done.

    14. An all-natural cleaning tablet for soaking away tea and coffee stains in your thermal bottles. No scrubbing required!

    15. A spray gel to dissolve years-old rust stains right before your eyes.

    16. A bottle of grout and floor cleaner you can use with or without a steam mop. You'll get amazing results either way.

    17. A cast-iron cleaner that'll have you singing: 🎶Scrapers gonna scrape, scrape, scrape, scrape, scrape...🎶 (You know, because it works so well.)

    18. A wood polish for eliminating unsightly scratches and watermarks from your wood furniture.

    19. A jewelry cleaning solution to make precious stones and metals sparkle like the day you got them.

    20. A double-sided polishing cloth so your tarnished silver accessories and homeware will look brand new again.

    21. OxiClean laundry whitener + stain remover that'll restore whites to their original color and brighten other colors. It's chlorine-free and color-safe.

    22. A microfiber duster perfectly shaped for cleaning blinds and AC vents.

    23. An adhesive remover to get you out of all sorts of sticky situations.

    24. A stainless steel cleaner that'll not only polish away existing grease, watermarks, and fingerprints but will also help prevent new ones from sticking.

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