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    38 Things Under $20 That’ll Win At White Elephant Gift Exchanges

    White elephant gift exchange (or Yankee swap) is not a competition... but if it were, you'd win. #jussayin

    ATTENTION: This post is *old* and many of the products are probably out of stock. See the 2019 version of the post here.

    1. A mini cactus humidifier even the ~prickliest~ co-worker would love.

    2. A breakfast sandwich maker because who can say no to homemade Egg McMuffins? No one, that's who!

    3. A set of mini lipsticks that'll make them say, "~Pill-ease~ don't steal this from me!"

    4. A Death Star kitchen timer so their food never goes over to the dark side (aka burnt).

    5. A very elegant mustached gentleman who will kindly hold their razor.

    6. A spinning mood enamel pin for expressing how they feel in every ~Stitch-uation~.

    7. A wonderfully random screaming goat figurine (that actually screams) everyone will want ~baaaadly~.

    8. An adjustable neck phone mount so they can enjoy an episode of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel hands-free.

    9. A pack of artsy socks the recipient will enjoy wearing very ~Munch~.

    10. A clip-on selfie ring light for anyone who wants to up their Instagram game in the new year.

    11. A mug with an adorable little animal hiding inside that can brighten anyone's day.

    12. A hilarious adult coloring book you might be tempted to keep for yourself.

    13. A quirky set of colorful pencils so they'll always know the right collective noun for animals like giraffes and flamingos.

    14. A waterproof speaker for turning their shower into a karaoke chamber.

    15. A sticky note packet that can help them get their life in order.

    16. A unicorn tea infuser no one will want to pass ~oolong~ to another person.

    17. A pair of Dwight and Michael necklaces (or keychains) so you can win the Dundie award for "Best White Elephant Gift-Giver."

    18. A cat night light to pounce on before someone else does.

    19. A knotted velvet scrunchie that'll make them say, "Don't mind if I 'do!"

    20. A corgi desk calendar for the cutest way to keep track of the dates.

    21. A parody cookbook they'll definitely get a ~cluckle~ out of — and some pretty awesome recipes, too.

    22. A pretty water tumbler sure to be a popular pick because everybody has to stay hydrated.

    23. A donut lunch tote that can actually fit a ~hole~ lotta food inside.

    24. A pack of Harry Potter playing cards (featuring the four Hogwarts houses) both wizards and muggles will ~wand~.

    25. A mini LED light box perfect for displaying their mood of the day.

    26. A tabletop vacuum shaped like a little cow that no ~udder~ gift can compete with.

    27. An adult party game to play as a group after the gift exchange is over — it doesn't really matter who gets it!

    28. A Bob Ross Funko figure everyone will lose their chill over.

    29. A microwave s'mores maker that won't require a campfire to deliver delicious results.

    30. A movie bucket list scratch-off poster they'll actually enjoy using, for ~reel~.

    31. A larger version of everyone's favorite cable accessory to prevent their charging cords from breaking. But more importantly, it's cute.

    32. A ~dino-mite~ taco holder people might take ~Jurassic~ measures to claim as their own.

    33. A sloth car decal that won't be slow to get picked from the pile.

    34. A mini print any Oxford comma-defender will proudly show their friends, family, and colleagues.

    35. A pair of oven mitts you can't ~bear~ to see given away. (Is it wrong to pick your own gift?!)

    36. A pair of light-up lightsaber chopsticks several people will duel over. May the force be with them.

    37. A cable yoyo to solve the universal problem of tangled headphones.

    38. A five-year journal for a meaningful gift they can enjoy for years to come. It only requires one line a day so it won't be too much work to fill in!

    You, watching everyone fight over your white elephant gift:

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