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    Updated on Aug 8, 2020. Posted on Aug 8, 2020

    This Multi-Purpose Pot Is Perfect For Anything From Grilled Chicken To Shabu Shabu

    It can grill, steam, slow cook, and boil — and it has over 1,000 5-star reviews on Amazon.

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    Kitchen storage space is extremely precious — especially in a smaller home — so it's only natural that we're extremely picky with cookware, gadgets, and appliances. If something deserves a spot in the cabinets or the countertop (the highest honor for a kitchen item, IMO), then it really has to get a LOT of use. For me, one of these products is the Aroma Housewares 3-in-1 Super Pot. It gets used pretty much every other day, and it only costs $30!


    I love it even more than my Instant Pot, which is saying a lot.

    Basically this thing is marketed as a grill, slow cooker, and food steamer all in one. But in addition to all these functions, it can also be used an electric hot pot for dishes like shabu-shabu, Budae Jjigae (aka Korean army stew), Sukiyaki, Chinese hot pot, and more.

    The electric pot with grill plate, a plug with temperature dial, and glass lid with handle

    I've been deprived of these dishes since lockdown began in NYC (because they involve sharing from one communal pot, family-style) and it's been an absolute joy to be able to recreate them in my own kitchen (although I really do miss my favorite restaurants).

    Everything I cook in this thing comes out absolutely delicious, and it's way easier than using the stovetop because I can just dump all the ingredients in, turn it on, and start eating as soon as everything comes to a boil. It's literally the definition of a one-pot dinner.

    My photo of Korean army stew prepared in the pot
    Yi Yang / BuzzFeed

    I usually only make enough food for two, but it's actually large enough to serve up to six people! Before COVID hit, this was my go-to idea for a small dinner party.

    Admittedly, I use it less for grilling (because boiling things creates less fumes and splatters), but it is great for cooler months when you can't grill outside. You'll still get nice, authentic grill marks!

    Reviewer photo showing chicken with grill marks

    One word: YUM.

    To make things even more convenient, the plastic base, cooking plate, and glass lid can all go into the dishwasher, although I choose to wash the insert by hand to help it last longer. It's not too much of a hassle because usually any residue slides right off the nonstick surface.

    Yi Yang / BuzzFeed

    One flaw to consider is that the temperature control isn't super precise (it goes up to 450 degrees F), so it's not the best appliance for recipes that call for very specific heat levels. This isn't much of an issue for me since I'll still use the stove or oven for more complicated dishes.

    Did I mention that I've had this thing for more than three years now?? And it's still functioning like new — I've had zero issues with it. Now that's 30 bucks well spent, my friends.

    Other people seem to share my enthusiasm for this ~grillet~ because it has over 1,800 reviews on Amazon and a 4.5/5-star rating!


    "I have only a bathroom sink to wash things in, so the wipe-clean surface was an unexpected bonus. I ended up grilling hundreds of burgers and pork chops and steaks and shrimp in this, steamed fresh vegetables, made stews, and cooked scrambled eggs and omelets as well. The surface heats quickly and evenly, and as I mentioned wipes clean with a couple of paper towels. This single appliance did the work of a Crock-pot, an electric griddle, and a hot plate, while taking up no more space than any one of those. Best of all, I even figured out how to bake brownies with it! They did have a strange contour on the bottom, but they were as moist and delicious as any I've ever eaten. I'm not much of a cook, but I managed to eat well without too much effort for a year, thanks to this little beauty." —P. Hentges

    "Instead of purchasing the regular/traditional type of electric skillet, I decided on this one and I’m glad I did. I’ve only had it for a couple of weeks but I've used it quite a lot. Instead of getting out our larger indoor electric grill, I just use this for a couple of steaks or burgers. The hot dogs turned out perfect, as well as the pot roast. I used it for chili instead of the Crock-pot as I wanted a smaller amount. It’s very easy to clean. Definitely a 5-star appliance, in my opinion. It would also make a wonderful gift!" —D Jones

    "I absolutely LOVE this thing. I’ve done a lot of research to find a perfect pot for our hot pot nights and this does the job! The fact that it’s a 3-in-1 is fantastic because not only can I use it for hot pot nights but I can also use it to grill salmon or steam vegetables. Specifically, I use this mainly for hot pot and it’s great! It takes about two-three minutes to reach boiling point after you’ve plugged it in and turn the nob to the highest temperature. It’s the perfect size for four people to share and I like that it’s low, not tall where you have to dig in to find certain items. Highly recommended purchase! For the price you pay, you get a high return on investment. Delicious!" —J. Yuen

    Honestly, some of these review photos have me drooling:,

    That's Tandoori chicken there on the right, and I'm definitely going to recreate this at some point.

    One reviewer even cooked an actual pizza in this thing:

    Yup, I'm impressed!

    So TL;DR: if you're looking for a kitchen gadget that pulls its weight and is totally worth the cabinet space, this grill/pot/skillet combo is definitely worthy a try! Get it from Amazon for $29.90.

    Time to get cookin'! 😋

    Madhouse / Kadokawa Herald Pictures

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