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    25 Awesome Products From Amazon To Put On Your Wish List

    A cold brew kit, a cozy sweater, a matte liquid lipstick, and 22 other things you’ll want to add to your wish list ASAP.


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    Psst! Amazon has a section featuring products that people put on their wish lists and registries most often.

    Here are some of the coolest and most useful products from that section this week:

    1. A cold brew kit to change your coffee routine forever. Just add water, steep overnight in the fridge, and enjoy that oh-so-delish New Orleans-style joe straight from the pouch.

    Each kit contains 12 pre-measured bags of ground coffee beans. Each bean bag will make approximately three servings (12 ounces) of coffee concentrate, so the entire kit will make 36 servings — that's less than a dollar per serving! You can brew it right in the reusable pouch or use your own container. Dilute the concentrate with milk or water to taste.

    Promising review: "This is the best coffee I've ever tasted. I have tried a few different at-home cold brews: Trader Joe's, some other grocery store brand, and even compared Grady's with Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts cold brew coffees. Grady's is hands down the best. It must be the chicory that provides the nice balance. There is zero bitterness when brewed right. The taste (I use Stevia and International Delights' Cold Stone creamer) reminds me of coffee-flavored ice cream. I drink every ounce of this, whereas when I used to do hot brews, I would only drink half a cup." —Tess Stickles

    Price: 12-pack for $29.49 (available in regular and decaf)

    2. A multi-style headband you can wear to yoga, on a hike, or just on a bad hair day. It's soft and stretchy enough that it won't give you a headache.

    It comes with a card that shows you how to style it in 14 different ways!

    Promising review: "This is literally the best headband I've ever worn. I'm wearing these headbands for yoga, weight training, and to dress up an outfit. Oh, and to work. I'm a nurse, so I like to keep my hair off my face. One of the great things about these headbands is that you can style them many different ways depending on mood or function. They stay put on your head, no matter what you do, and are extremely soft and comfortable. They are stretchy but keep their shape. I sometimes like to cover up my ears with headbands, but then my ears start hurting and going numb. NO LONGER!" —K. Metzger

    Price: $14.95 (available in 24 colors)

    3. A pouring lid that'll instantly transform a Mason jar into a travel mug, cocktail/salad dressing shaker, or snack container.

    It's BPA-free and dishwasher- and freezer-safe.

    Promising review: "I often cook meals for large groups of people and make my own sauces and dressings. These lids fit my wide mouth jars perfectly, and I don't have any problems with leakage. These are also nice for keeping snacks fresh in my jars around the house. My most recent use is for pouring milk in my coffee. Now I don't have to drag the milk jug out of the refrigerator every morning. I just pour a few servings in my pint-sized jar, screw on the cap, and it's ready to use for several days. My milk stays fresh and is ready to pour when I need it. I love being able to use my glass jars for so many more things now that I own these versatile pouring lids." —Orchid 14

    Price: $7.99 (available regular or wide mouth and two colors)

    4. A glass spray bottle with DIY recipes to help you make your own all-natural cleaners.,

    This bottle (made of lead-free glass) teaches you how to make cleaning solutions for the kitchen, bathroom, glass, tile, and wood. It has fill lines on the side to show you how much of each ingredient is needed. It's dishwasher-safe and BPA-free.

    Promising review: "This beautiful blue glass bottle will now replace all of our other house cleaners. The recipes on the bottle are so easy to follow and do a great job at cleaning. They even include a little green sticker to mark which recipe is in your bottle! So delighted to have a product that makes cleaning fun and beautiful!" —Ashley Meyer Howe

    Price: $14

    5. A pore-covering primer that leaves skin silky smooth so foundation glides on effortlessly and stays on all day.

    Promising review: "I honestly didn't think a primer could do what this one does. It went on very smoothly and didn't feel greasy whatsoever. All during my super long day at work (12-hour shift), my makeup didn't budge and my face looked so smooth and satiny under my makeup. I have moderate to severe acne so my skin is fairly oily, but it has also been very dry lately, and this primer made it so my makeup didn't crease at all or cling to dry patches on my skin. I can't emphasize enough how surprised I was every time I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror to see how smooth my makeup still looked. My face stayed satiny-looking all day; not oily and not dry, just beautiful." —MMkay13

    Price: $14.88

    6. A shoe-cleaner kit for restoring your beat-up sneakers to their former glory.

    Each kit comes with a shoe-cleaning solution and a brush.

    Promising review: "I was able to restore my ancient Vans to nearly good as new. Someone actually asked me if I was wearing new shoes. I can't wait to try it out on the rest of my shoes." —Odysseus Rodriguez

    Price: $15.89

    7. A brownie pan that ensures EVERY piece has a chewy edge (the best part TBH)! Edge-lovers rejoice!

    Obviously, if you don't like brownie edges, this is not the pan for you. This pan is made of aluminum with a non-stick coating. It comes with a nylon spatula and brownie recipes.

    Promising review: "Before when I made brownies from scratch, my kids and husband would eat them all. I would just trim off the edges here and there, eat the occasional corner piece, and enjoy the chewy goodness. But now, after trying out this pan, here I sit, eating like half the brownies I made. This is the same recipe I always make in a 9x13 pan, and it fit perfectly into this pan. I greased and lightly floured the pan, and the brownies just pop right out, using the cute little spatula that comes with it. These are hands-down the most delicious brownies I have ever made." —Bailey's mom

    Price: $35.95

    8. A mini steam iron for getting perfectly pressed pants on the go. (Or... outfitting a dollhouse with appliances that work.)

    It has a 1.4-ounce water tank and heats up in 15 seconds!

    Promising review: "This little iron is a workhorse! Heats very quickly and produces lots of steam — exactly what I was looking for. All the functionality of a full-sized home iron shrunk down to easily maneuverable and ergonomic proportions. If I were traveling, this iron would be the first thing I'd pack!" —Maisy

    Price: $24.99

    9. A set of pretty pink makeup brushes that are as soft as a bunny's bottom.

    They come with a matching pink case!

    Promising review: "These brushes are amazing for the price. They're so cute, cheap, and soft. They don't shed either. I use them every day and sometimes prefer them over my high-end brushes. They're so easy to use and pretty; a must have if you love makeup and the color pink." —Amazon Customer

    Price: 30-piece set for $9.99

    10. A pair of gorgeous pearl studs (real pearls and sterling silver) to add to your collection right ~meow~.

    Promising review: "These are nice quality pearl earrings with a sweet and subtle nod to cat lovers. The packaging impressed me as much as the earrings themselves! A little thank you note was enclosed with some 'extras' — jewelry care suggestions, a cleaning cloth, and multiple earring post backers!" —Lovisa

    Price: $14.50+ (available in five colors; get the matching necklace here)

    11. An ergonomically-shaped tile joint cleaning brush, because an old toothbrush just can't handle the thorough scrubbing your kitchen/bathroom grout needs.

    Promising review: "This tile joint cleaning brush is the REAL DEAL. The bristles are tough, hard, and clean well. I was surprised how quickly a little elbow grease and this brush turned my black tile kitchen grout back to its beige original color. Guess I'm running out of excuses to not clean the grout; this little brush packs a punch." —Busy Lil Bee

    Price: $12.45

    12. A set of gel pens (in 140 different colors!!) perfect for bullet journaling, coloring, or just taking some cool-looking notes.

    Each pack includes: 31 glitter, 27 neon-glitter, 25 metallic, 20 neon, 13 standard, 20 pastel, and four swirl pens.

    Promising review: "These pens are awesome! They flow exceptionally well across the paper and are excellent for coloring! The massive variety of colors is mind-blowing. I especially like the glitter and metallic pens. The case has a slot for each pen to fit in and is compact. The pricing is great for the selection you get. I would definitely recommend these pens, they really are awesome!" —elmo blackie

    Price: 140-pack for $19.99

    13. A loose-fit cable-knit sweater you'll wear on repeat, because it's just so damn cute and comfortable.

    Promising review: "Very comfortable, cozy sweater. This is perfect for those transitional days into autumn, where a wool sweater would be too much. Slouchy without being sloppy. Going back for another color!" —Erin

    Price: $17.99+ (available in sizes S-XXL and seven colors)

    14. A handy spill-stopper so you'll never have to deal with the messy aftermath of pasta boiling over again.

    It's microwave- and dishwasher-safe!

    Promising review: "This does exactly what I need it to do. I place it over the pot while boiling pasta, and the water never boils over. It used to happen to me nearly every time, and now I don't need to worry. I can work on something else while the water is boiling, like chopping vegetables, without having to drop the knife to run over and turn down the heat because the pot boiled over. Cleanup by hand is fairly easy — the center piece pops out so you can clean it separately, then just air dry on the counter." —G. Hutson

    Price: $19.99 (available in three sizes and five colors)

    15. A stainless steel Apple Watch band that's lightweight, snug-fitting, and won't snag your sweater (or arm hairs).

    Promising review: "Just as nice as the $140+ band at Apple. I've had mine for over three months now and wear it every day. I get it wet every once in while (doing dishes, etc) and it still looks great!" —JRo

    Price: $12.99 (available in two lengths and three colors)

    16. A reusable silicone food bag to use as an eco-friendly alternative to plastic ziplock bags.

    These are great for sous-vide cooking, packing a snack/sandwich, or storing ingredients. They're made from pure food-grade silicone and contain no petroleum, no PVC, and no latex.

    Promising review: "They are great for so many things. Orange/apple slices, trail mix, sandwiches, snacks, makeup and toiletries, charging cords, medications, pencil bag/office supplies for travel, etc. You can even cook in these! Microwave them, throw them in a pot of boiling water — amazing idea. Easy to clean and sanitize, these things will last forever if cared for properly. I love these because I already pay $5-6 for about 150 ziplock-style bags at the store, and you throw those away (along with your money), and you're filling up the landfills with more plastic. These seal even better than ziplocks." —Kiki

    Price: $11.99 (available in three sizes and 17 colors)

    17. An iridescent nail polish that'll have everyone grabbing your hands and asking, "What IS that amazing color?"

    It's actually a blend of pink, purple, copper, gold, and green!

    Promising review: "This gorgeous eggplant-purple-colored polish shifts to lime-green and gold as the light changes. I received more compliments for this nail polish than any other color that I've worn. The high quality and dramatic color are well worth the money. I'm going to buy more!" —S. Freeman

    Price: $12.50

    18. A blue wig to complete your Coraline costume for Halloween. (You could also go as Sadness from Inside Out ... or Sailor Mercury).

    Promising review: "Great wig; soft, silky, and super pretty! I will be using this for Halloween and other costume events I attend. The wig is adjustable in the back AND it comes with a wig cap! I'm very happy with the purchase and the price." —Colleen

    Price: $15.99

    19. A blotting powder that'll keep your face free from shine all day. It smells refreshingly minty!

    Promising review: "I began using this powder about a week ago, and it is incredible! I blot it on my face after applying my makeup and it sets it all day. I have very oily skin, and I find that I no longer have to blot my face with tissue throughout the day. It's a white powder but transparent when applied. The container is very small but a little goes a long way. This is now a permanent staple in my makeup routine." —Amazon Customer

    Price: $7.99

    20. An adorable faux-leather backpack with a transparent heart in the front for showing off a pretty notebook or your collection of enamel pins.

    Don't worry, you can't see into the whole backpack through the "display window" — there's a separate compartment in the front.

    Promising review: "It's perfect! Wanted one of these bags to display my enamel pins in safely, and this turned out to be just what I needed! There's plenty of space, and the bag is a good size. The straps were able to be extended pretty long, which I was happy about." —Sabrina Spiegle

    Price: $14.59 (available in six colors)

    21. A Harry Potter wax seal kit to make any piece of mail look like a Hogwarts acceptance letter. It just adds that magical touch.

    Hopefully, it'll encourage you to throw more HP-themed parties!

    Promising review: "The emblem for Hogwarts is perfect. Just like the movie. The wax melted evenly and the stamp came off clean. It's a really great set that actually works like you'd hope it would." —Amazon Customer

    Price: $8.75

    22. A moon-shaped night light that looks surprisingly realistic (craters and all).

    Each light (5.7" diameter) comes with a USB charging cable and a wooden mount. There are two brightness settings.

    Promising review: "I had been looking at this for awhile and am so glad I purchased it. I had this turned on in the family room and everyone who saw it loved it. I have never purchased another item that so many said they loved it. I think many will order it, and I hope they like it as much as our family does." —Cheryl Smith

    Price: $29.88

    23. A velvety, long-lasting liquid lipstick for a pout that puts red rose petals to shame.

    This lipstick is vegan and not tested on animals!

    Promising review: "I love it! I literally put one coat on, and I drank my usual coffee, ate breakfast, went shopping, etc. Finally a few hours later, I looked in the mirror, and guess what? All of it was STILL ON! One coat! And it was so lightweight — my lips didn't dry out like most matte lipsticks! Fantastic product!" —T. Lieberman

    Price: $20 (available in 42 colors)

    24. A minimalist Justice League poster that's sure to spark up a who's-the-most-awesome-superhero debate.

    Batman, IMHO. This poster measures 22" x 34."

    Promising review: "The poster is amazing. I have it put up above my bed. There are other versions of this poster in terms of different superheroes from other companies (e.g. Marvel), but out of all of them, this poster is the best. The colors and variations along with the superheroes for some reason just seem so perfect." —Rurouini Kenshin

    Price: $8.51+

    25. A magical skin cloth to polish away dirt, dead skin, and bumps. It's reusable and will save you SO MUCH money on body scrubs/exfoliators.

    These give a tough scrub, so they're definitely more suited for the body rather than the face!

    Promising review: "These are life-changing. Be careful, they're rougher than you'd expect, but that's what makes them so wonderful. For a gentler scrub, roll it into a burrito and put soap on it. Use it in one layer for brand new silky soft skin. Keep it long so you can reach your back. My legs are silky smooth, and I have much fewer ingrown hairs now. They dry so fast, making them amazing for travel." —J

    Price: three-pack for $10.68

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