The Most Beloved "Game Of Thrones" Characters On Twitter

Find out who’s watching Game of Thrones, and who their favorites are, in BuzzFeed’s original Twitter analysis.

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We know a lot about the characters on Game of Thrones, thanks to five books and countless fan sites. Finding out who’s watching those characters is a little trickier. Luckily, Twitter has some answers.

BuzzFeed analyzed 200,000 tweets related to GoT to determine viewers’ demographics (above) and positive and negative reactions to different characters. Using ninja machine learning techniques, we discovered (maybe even before HBO!) that there are more male viewers than female, more New Yorkers than Californians, and that everyone — we mean everyone — is in love with the Khaleesi. Below, Twitter users’ favorite (and least favorite) members of the GoT universe, as measured by percentage of positive and negative tweets:

Yiren Lu for BuzzFeed

4. So, the most popular characters in our analysis are…

5. 3. Jon Snow

Not a surprise. Perhaps more surprising, he’s just edged out by his brother…

6. 2. Robb Stark

Despite his military struggles, Robb remains a fan favorite. But the winner is:

7. 1. Daenerys Targaryen

The Mother of Dragons is also the Queen of Twitter.

8. And the least popular:

No surprises here — Joffrey Baratheon gets the most negative responses on Twitter, much as he does on the show.

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