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    28 Pregnancy Cravings That Every Woman Has

    You're going to want to put on some maternity pants for this one.

    1. Double cone for one, please.

    2. Pop rocks INSIDE of a lemon.

    3. Froyo as big as your firstborn's head is the only acceptable size.

    4. Dip that Twizzler into the Nutella bottle. Pregnancy is a no shame zone.

    5. Driving out of your way for donuts prescribed by your belly is NOT A JOKE.


    7. Doritos + soda + swiss rolls + pizza = how do you say "perfect" in baby?

    8. A muffin with an egg yolk in the middle because you only live once.

    9. Cheese, one of ten commandments of food.

    10. Ice cream out of the container because that is the only size you need.

    11. Midnight snack raid of the kitchen: pretzels, string cheese, chocolate, and honey mustard.

    12. Doritos are the side that should come with every snack, meal, and happy hour.

    13. Gotta get that spice, salt, and lime combo JUSSST RIGHT.

    14. Sometimes you just need banana pancakes as big as your plate as an afternoon snack.

    15. Sometimes you just want a whole plate of everything.

    16. Sometimes one bag is just not enough.

    17. A bowl of pasta? Naw, gimme the pot.

    18. The essential weekly grocery list: yellow, orange, and red, only please.

    19. Sometimes it's about the simple things: ICE CUBES, BABAY.

    20. Chocolate on chocolate on gummy worms on boba. No actual ice cream necessary.

    21. Three rolls of donuts: $2.25. Dipping donuts in chocolate milk: priceless.

    22. Honey Teddy Grahams dipped in chocolate fudge icing just gets you more than people do.

    23. Hot pickles and cookies so good that you will make your partner roll out of bed to drive to the convenience store for you.

    24. Hot Cheetos with avocado. Yes, you heard that right.


    26. Movie night isn't complete until you have a last-minute run to the store grabbing everything in reach you crave.

    27. French fries dipped in ice cream for when you just can't fight your cravings at work.

    28. Caesar salad with bacon and eggs for when you at least try healthy cravings.

    Everyone gets cravings and embracing them only makes you human. So crave on!