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    21 Perfect Examples Of The Love Affair Between Morrissey And His Mexican Fans

    "I'm throwing my arms around Los Angeles." — Moz

    2. Their bond over feeling like an outsider.

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    “When you grow up Latino in Southern California, you are in a minority, and sometimes you don’t always feel like you belong. When you’re listening to Morrissey, who’s upbringing you can relate to, you belong.”

    3. This fan club.

    4. "Irish Blood, English Heart," which taps into the dual identity of being an immigrant.

    "I've been dreaming of a time when/To be English is not to be baneful/To be standing by the flag not feeling shameful/Racist or partial..."

    5. The Sweet and Tender Hooligans, an L.A. Mexican-American Moz cover band.

    6. Morrissey's love for Las Chivas, the Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, futbol team.

    7. Morrissey's ode, "Mexico."

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    8. These fans' Morrissey-inspired quiffs.

    9. Mexican Grammy award-winning singer Carla Morrison covering "Let Me Kiss You."

    10. These Mexican Morrissey mashup tote bags.

    11. This video of Morrissey discussing his connection with his Latino fans.

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    “Latinos are full of emotion, and whether its laughter or tears, they are ready to explode, and they want to share their emotion, and they want to give, and show, and show. I think that’s the connection because when I sing, it’s very expressive." — Moz

    12. This Morrissey-Mexican flag.

    13. This artwork.

    14. "First of the Gang to Die," which Morrissey wrote for his Mexican fan base about "Hector," a gangster, who dies at the hand of a gun.

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    15. This t-shirt of Morrissey with Mexican movie stars.

    16. These scenes from a Morrissey convention in L.A.

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    17. This NYC Mex and the City dance party.

    18. This proof of his deified status.

    19. Morrissey being greeted by fans at the airport in Mexico.

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    "Morrissey, hola!"

    20. Moz's place in this holy trinity of candles.

    21. This enthusiastic decal.

    At the end of the day, there's no denying...




    Unhappy Birthday, Moz!