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    A Guy Named Luis Miguel Makes The Funniest Vines About Being Mexican

    No, not that Luis Miguel.

    This is Luis Miguel, from Pharr, Texas. He makes hilarious and relatable Vines about his Mexican upbringing.

    He is not here for ANYONE who doesn't like tacos. There is no room on Luis Miguel's earth for those folks.

    Over email, Miguel told BuzzFeed, "Since I am Mexican American I started making videos of my culture and things my mom usually says. I never thought I would get any attention to be honest, but suddenly people started liking and revining."

    "The way I am on Vine is the exact same way I am in real life! In fact I think I 'let loose' more in real life haha no me aguito!"

    He is fluent in people mispronouncing Spanish words in English.

    "I think so many Latinos/Mexicans can relate because they have heard their mother, tia or grandma say the same things I say on my vines."

    "So many people tag a friend or a relative saying 'dudeee that’s my mom' or 'remember when my tia used to say this all the time.' I feel that if you can make people relate to what you are saying and add a little humor, people will love it!"

    He uses homeopathic remedies from his mom to get rid of all the haters.

    "I... tend to ask myself, 'if my mom was here what would she say about this?' Then I make that into a vine!"

    "Growing up with a Mexican mother is pretty damn hilarious. They all say the same things, act the same way and think the same way."

    Who needs a U-Haul when you can fit everything in your truck?

    When Mexico was knocked out of the World Cup, he celebrated in the best way possible: Tacos.

    THAT moment you realize you left the stove on, and you wanna just give up:

    His mom taught him one of the most valuable life lessons: "No me aguito."

    Dancing in the car with his mom? YEAH, that. He does that.

    Don't ask him what language he speaks better because he will own you in both.

    He knows all about that moment when someone you know is deported and then... back instantly.

    His mom is never afraid to be honest with him about why he feels so bloated:

    The only appropriate response to any horror movie that will eventually disappoint you:

    "Ever since I started making vines I think of every possible saying my mom has ever told me to put in a vine. It’s so funny to see how so many people can relate to them!"


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