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    Updated on Jan 18, 2019. Posted on Jul 2, 2014

    23 Problems All Libras Will Understand

    Because you're charming and sensitive.

    1. People are always accusing you of daydreaming too much as if it's a bad thing.

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    2. You are guilty of putting everyone else's needs before your own.

    3. People may call you "indecisive," but you prefer "picky."

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    This is why no one will ever let you cast the deciding vote on anything: You will never make up your mind in time.

    4. You've been told you play the "devil's advocate" too much because you never choose a "side."

    The truth is you just want everything to be in harmony.

    5. You want to please everyone but also realize that getting everyone to like you is impossible.

    You focus your time on those that matter.

    6. You always fixate on the little things.

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    Overanalyzing everything is agonizing, but it's the only way you know how to function.

    7. Whenever you are friendly with a stranger, they assume you are being flirtatious.

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    But really, you are just being polite!

    8. You like to be left alone, yet you hate feeling lonely.

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    Why aren't people ever around at the right time?

    9. You can be loyal to the point that people think you’re kinda crazy.

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    Even when it doesn't go both ways, but once you realize that, you move on.

    10. You hold everything in. . . until it all just comes out at once.

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    You don't want to bother people with your problems, even when they both you with theirs all the time.

    11. The motto you live your life by is: all or nothing.

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    Meaning you will not hesitate to walk away if you do not feel fully committed.

    12. You've been told that "fairness" isn't what life is about, but you can't accept that.

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    You are a natural born diplomat and know there are two sides to every story.

    13. People always assume that you are a pushover because you are so easy-going.

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    People always take this for granted.

    14. The life plan you set for yourself changes... every week.

    Bye, five-year plan. Hello, 10-year plan.

    15. You always give people the benefit of the doubt... even if it backfires.

    At least you learn an important lesson every time.

    16. You are labeled a "workaholic" because your 9-5 always follows you home.

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    You just want to make sure everything is done just the way you want.

    17. Being impulsive is your go-to drug.

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    Sometimes you just get tired of toiling over an idea and want to get things done.

    18. People think you have a rough exterior but you're secretly ~sensitive~.

    19. Contradiction comes easy for you because you change your mind every five minutes.

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    You stress out everyone around you in the process.

    20. The Libra in you develops a different crush every day.

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    You lose interest just as quickly as you gain interest.

    21. You are never to be trusted with money because if it was up to you, you would blow it on useless things.

    Doing math is not an easy task for you. Calculators are your friend.

    22. You avoid ever having to confront anyone, and instead passively find ways to make your point.

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    Directly confronting your fears = never gonna happen.

    23. People always tell you that you have the best intuition, but you hate feeling pressured to have it all together.

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    Although, your gut has never failed you to this day.

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