15 Incredible Moments From The ’90s Kids Guide To The Internet

“What’s a Web Page? Something ducks walk on?”

This video explaining the internet to kids in the ’90s is what memes are made of.

1. In the ’90s, there were floating heads in cyberspace.

2. Before tweeting the President was possible, you could send him electronic mail.

3. Al Gore invented the internet, and yet these kids email the President instead. SMH.

4. This kid who’s the 10-year-old Fonzie of the ’90s.

5. Alta Vista? Excite? Infoseek? You feelin’ them nostalgic internet feels yet?

6. This girl who predicted the rise of Tumblr.

7. The net answers all the hard-hitting questions.

8. Virtually dissecting frogs was big in the ’90s according to this video.


9. The internet is 24 HOURS A DAY.

10. Only the cool kids knew about MTV.com. You’ve probably never heard of it.

11. So many free screen savers that you won’t know what to do with ‘em!

12. Sending email is easy. Just use lots of exclamations!!!

13. These kids took the best lesson from the video: internet addiction.

14. You have to remember the internet is NOT a REGULATED environment.

Let’s be real: these kids are all super into Reddit now.

15. These kids loved cyberspace so much that they were eventually sucked into virtual reality.

See ya on the flipside!

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