How Obsessed With The Internet Are You?

Put your phone down for one sec, geez.

  1. This is a safe space. Check everything that applies to you.
    1. 1 You check Instagram every five minutes.
    2. 2 You just checked Instagram.
    3. 3 You just took a break to tweet something SUPER important.
    4. 4 You know what a subtweet is.
    5. 5 You never have less than 10 tabs open.
    6. 6 You actually just opened a new tab.
    7. 7 You have been so overwhelmed by the amount of tabs on your browser that you tweeted about it.
    8. 8 You subscribe to email newsletters.
    9. 9 You use #hashtags regularly.
    10. 10 You follow certain #hashtags and check them regularly.
    11. 11 You have almost crashed/walked into someone to tweet something really funny.
    12. 12 Forgetting your charger is the worst thing that can ever happen.
    13. 13 You can’t imagine your life without the internet.
    14. 14 The internet knows you better than your best friend does, because SEARCH HISTORY.
    15. 15 You try to keep up with all internet #trends.
    16. 16 You use an RSS reader.
    17. 17 You have a folder that includes meticulously organized GIFs.
    18. 18 You follow at least one cute animal Instagram account.
    19. 19 You have an encyclopedic knowledge of the cafes with free wi-fi in your neighborhood/city.
    20. 20 You met a good portion of your friends online.
    21. 21 You have serious discussions with your friends about your “social presence.”
    22. 22 You read think pieces about internet obsessions.
    23. 23 But then you don’t finish the article because it’s too long.
    24. 24 You are always on the lookout for good Instagram opportunities.
    25. 25 You won’t follow certain people on social media but you creep on their public profiles.
    26. 26 You hate Facebook, but it’s a necessary evil.
    27. 27 You love it when people you actually, like, “like” your posts.
    28. 28 You fave tweets in hopes people will follow you.
    29. 29 You bragged to your friends that one time a minor celebrity tweeted you.
    30. 30 You regularly read forums.
    31. 31 You contribute to forums.
    32. 32 “WHERE’S MY PHONE??!?!?!” —You, every 5 minutes.
    33. 33 You trust the internet as a legit health professional.
    34. 34 You trust the internet with everything.
    35. 35 If it’s not on the internet, you think it must not exist.
    36. 36 You can’t believe people still use Hotmail or Netscape.
    37. 37 You are paranoid that your internet use is giving you early symptoms of carpal tunnel.
    38. 38 But that doesn’t stop you from scrolling and liking and typing.
    39. 39 Your attention span is really brief.
    40. 40 The thought of your browser crashing gives you anxiety.
    41. 41 Be honest: You just got like three notifications from one of your many social media profiles.
    42. 42 You have a show streaming in the background while you take this quiz.
    43. 43 You’ve asked your friends to bring you food instead of going to dinner with them because you can’t leave your computer.
    44. 44 You use Google Alerts.
    45. 45 You live-tweet brunch.
    46. 46 Then you Instagram your brunch.
    47. 47 You tag your friends at brunch on Facebook.
    48. 48 You have a backlog of bookmarks, but you can’t help setting up more.
    49. 49 You feel left out when people ask if you saw that new meme/viral video that you didn’t see.
    50. 50 You realize you should go out more.
    51. 51 You Google what people do for “fun.”
    52. 52 You go outside and then instantly regret it.

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