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29 Essentials For Throwing The Perfect Harry Potter Party

Accio butterbeer!

1. Send out owl balloon party invitations.

2. Re-create the entrance to platform 9 ¾ for Hogwarts Express.

3. Set up floating candles in your own version of the Great Hall.

4. Make a photo booth for guests to pose as escaped wizards from Azkaban.

5. Create Gryffindor ties for everyone to wear.

6. Arrange a Quidditch pitch on your lawn.

7. Place potion jars like those found in Snape's cabinets as a centerpiece.

8. Make or buy your own Sorting Hat to place everyone in houses.

9. Use your old Flourish and Blotts textbooks as a cake stand.

10. Hang school banners from every house to spruce up the party.

11. Post directions to every fictional spot in the novels.

12. Throw on a cape and round glasses to become Harry Potter, the Chosen One.

13. Dress up like the red-haired and wand-wielding wizard Ron Weasley.

14. Embrace your inner smartypants and throw on this costume to become Hermione Granger.

15. You will be the most "talked-about" guest at your party if you dress up like Moaning Myrtle.

16. Put on some glasses and hold a crystal ball to be the Professor Trelawney of your party.

17. Win the costume contest with this special Mad Eye Moody costume.

18. Impress your friends with some butterbeer, just like the kind served at The Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade.

19. Spruce up your pong game with the ultimate round of Quidditch pong.

20. Class up the party with a "Golden Snitch" cocktail.

21. Blow everyone away with this Goblet of FIRE cocktail.

22. Upgrade party drinks easily by adding food coloring.

23. Detail each cocktail with cute little broomsticks.

24. Instead of cupcakes, serve everyone Cauldron cakes with gold frosting.

25. Make everyone feel like they are living out their book dreams by serving Acid pops.

26. Create Golden Snitch cake pops with wings.

27. Serve licorice wands just like the ones on the food trolley on the Hogwarts Express.

28. Even if the real characters aren't at the party, you can at least make sugar cookies of your favorite ones.

29. Chocolate frogs are the most iconic snack from the book, and you can easily make them for your party.

Don't forget to bust out your Muggle moves on everyone at the party.