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    18 Perfect '90s Comebacks For Everyone With A Sibling


    1. When your little brother complains that his curfew isn't fair:

    2. When your sibling who just got their license asks to borrow your car:

    3. When your sibling asks if they can hang out with you and your friends:

    4. When your sibling orders pizza and doesn't save you any:

    5. When your sibling asks you what your cell phone passcode is:

    6. When your brother keeps going on and on about that girl that doesn't pay attention to him:

    7. When your sister never gets to the end of her story:

    8. When your sibling stares at themselves in the mirror too long:

    9. When your sibling thinks they are Kanye West:

    10. When your brother can't be bothered to pay attention to what is right in his face:

    11. When your ask your brother if you need a mint, and he is not afraid to be honest:

    12. When your sibling forgets to take out their clothes from the dryer so you dump it on the floor:

    13. When your sister won't be the DD for the night:

    14. When your brother does exactly what he said he wouldn't do:

    15. When your sibling takes the last string cheese from the fridge:

    16. When your sister makes fun of your friends:

    17. When your sister doesn't ever let you get the last word:

    18. When you know you never, ever have to have a filter around them, so you tell 'em exactly how it is:

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