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27 Adorable Shih Tzus Who Will Make Your Day Better

They're just like the rest of us, except way cuter.

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2. This little party animal who had too many shots last night.

3. This pup living dangerously with his paws out.

4. This little guy about to meet his friends at the park.

5. This Shih Tzu who has hops.

7. This guy who can't even keep his sunglasses on straight.

8. This sweet nappin' angel.

9. This guy unboxing presents. JK he is all the presents.

11. This pup who is temped by pink donuts just like us.

12. This girl who wants your attention.

14. Marnie the dog who will sit out on the porch with you.

15. This life aquatic aficionado.

18. This Hello Kitty fanatic.

19. This glamorous bike gang member.

20. This cute little wannabe lion.

21. This #duckface imitating his parents on Instagram.

22. This guy who loves to jump in piles of fall leaves.

23. This pup who's SO EXCITED for bike rides this summer.

24. This pup who makes silly faces when he sneezes.

25. This Shih Tzu that loves his country.

26. This guy likes to derp around like the rest of us.

27. They all wield a special power that will help you overcome everything: puppy dog eyes.

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