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19 Emojis Recreated In Spectacular Fashion

We have Vine user Ray Ligaya to thank for starting #humanemoji and it's a beautiful thing.

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1. Oh, you thought these were tears of laughter? Nah, bro.

2. BRB gotta go watch the competitive toenail special.

3. This growing family will always be behind their son.

4. Ghost ride the vine.

5. Wait, does WebMD have a way to heal blue face?

6. Beating hearts, baby.

7. This dog is judging everyone LOUDLY.

8. Squirting is the worst word ever.

9. Sunglasses will turn you into a cyborg.

10. Reminder: Check that cheek status daily.

11. What are you supposed to do when you wake up like this?

12. He's a real boy!

13. There's old ramen sitting out on the table again.

14. Many ancient cultures believe photos capture a person's soul, but what about Vines?

15. The only honest way to shade your eyes from reality.

16. Just 2 Galz tryin' 2 b 2 much 4 u.

17. Use this face to shame the pizza guy when he's late.

18. There's only one way to get crumbs off your face.

19. **stares blankly**
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